Is reseting good?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by NarutoYi, Dec 24, 2019.

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    I have been on a strong NoFap journey for a month and a half now.No PMO no thinking about sex or porn and no looking at erotic stuff.I can feel the benefits until now and I love them.I have also had the bad symptoms aswell.
    I have read that to get over an addiction you should start by doing it more rarely and then remove it completely.
    So I was thinking after a hard month and a half ,should I PMO for one day and than start again my NoFap journey,keep it 3 months PMO again and than never watch porn again.Is reseting a good idea,does it help or no?
  2. JestfulPotion57115

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    Dude nah, I wouldn't recommend that. Ever heard of the chaser effect? It'll get you man. One sniff of your drug of choice and you're back again. Enjoy the benefits and keep getting better
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    Reset = very high chance of relaspe
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    Dude.. What do you mean PMO for one day? One time is one thing but one day sounds like it could be a 24 hour binge..

    A reset is just a lapse, repeated lapses are re-lapses.

    Ironically as far as the brain is concerned what you in fact do want is a reset, (generally speaking, not as applied to the day-counter) but that's not easy to come by so we try abstinence. If your brain was reset then that would be like a reboot.

    Did we (really) learn anything from the reset, (or whatever you want to call it - like it matters beyond that simple psychological semantic level) or not? I think that's the question. For a lot of people the reality seems to be they cannot take stock of the lapses because there's too much shame and guilt preventing good objectivity and no sufficient social support to overcome that, which prevents any learning and improvement in the journey. This is a big problem.

    So I think we need to learn BEFORE that happens, and hopefully have enough perspective when it does so we don't give up totally or go down the rabbit hole of going away for months or years and ignoring the issue.

    Oh and also, lets not forget the difference between PMO and real sex. If you had real sex and see the difference between it and PMO, and not blur the two - to the point where high def videos feel like an old still image on a print magazine then it will just pale in comparison, but this is where our general media addiction comes in. The best 4k TVs, VR or whatever simulation gadget they have now is just like a big dildo in terms of tech to fool the mind and nervous system, which may be used with sexual content and application anyway.

    Self deception is cognitive masturbation. Of course you're also not doing it all by yourself, there's a lot of info out there which the mind can use to rationalize the behavior whether they intended the info for that or not. Because at the end of the day there's this little intention to just get off and it's one part of your mind lying to another.

    Sorry about the preachin so to speak but the one variable questions tend to not look like it's thought through.


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