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    Hey guys,

    I have been searching for this on the web for quite some time now, but don't really get a clear, satisfying answer. Does anyone know if there are side effects to semen retention? Is there a maximum amount of time to retain your semen before having to ejaculate related to testicular cancer, loss of libido, etc?

  2. Only if you don't practice mentally as well. If you've been at it for months or years and you're still getting wet dreams, blue balls, cocaine rush from hearing the word porn, .... nah you're doing wrong and will get pale, weakened face and mind and down the road can expect psychosis or cancer from the retention, after a couple years in.

    EVERY thought is physical. It has a direct, immediate effect on many chain reactions, enzymes, blood flows, etc etc in your body. INSTANTLY!! Think about it...

    When we sleep we retreat in the subconscious and the conscious pressure and ideals dull down. So if you get wet dreams you're probably a horny monkey. And yes there IS such a thing as sexual hormones and sexual residue left in your bodily tissues and hormones than needs to be cleansed. It will make you horny until then.

    Like do you have habits of masturbation that are hardwired into the body? Such as a king of magnetism from hand to genitalia or randomly feeling the need to touch genitalia and squeeze it or play it somehow? Some people even "semi-cum" a tiny bit from just watching porn or thinking about it. HOW FUCKING WEAK THEY ARE!!!!!!

    So the way to live is to just live.

    Don't obsess, but let go
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    Withdrawal from pmo can be long very long. Those who are knee deep in pmo will have it harder like me. And pmo vs semen retention are like two opposite poles just by not doing pmo u are getting better than an average binger dunno of any harms ur balls won't burst that's a myth.
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    When you nopap and don't ejeculation any sperm, they break down and reabsorbed in the bloodstream. The fluids are absorbed by the epididymis, while the solids are broken down by the macrophages and then reabsorb in the bloodstream. The maturation time of sperm is about 1 month in the epididymis before leaving the testicles. After you nofap, the membrane of the epididymis increase in size so that it can absorb more fluid contents and because of this they stimulate the immune system to produce more macrophages that break down the solid content that reabsorb by the bloodstream. Testicular cancer?? hahaha it's a lie, big lie, have you seen the monk cancer ever, huh ? They live to 100 years old ... Semen retention just benefit, very very good, no harmful !!!
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    Is it abnormal to retain Semen? I think not.
    So it is normal. Can a normal process of the body Harm you? No.
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    I haven't experienced any considerable side-effects since I started this journey almost 2 1/2 years ago. The only experienced side-effects so far have been increased sensitivity and an increased production of prejizz. But since I got off the coffee two months ago, my prejizz production seem to have returned to more normal levels again (could have been because my adrenal glands were probably affected by the coffee).
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    Semen retention is not harmful. As others said, its a normal bodily process. Sperm take somewhere around 71 days to go from germ cells to fully matured sperm.
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    Very nice
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