Is semen retention necessary to improve emotional side effects of pmo?

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by A2496, May 28, 2019.

  1. A2496

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    Hello everyone, im on day 10 and i have a question about quitting pmo. I noticed i suffer from a lot of the effects pmo has on your attitude, behavior and emotions. Mood swings, lack of trust, objectification etc., and these problems of mine pushed away a girl i really cared about. So now im trying to become a better person. To fill the void i began talking to another girl and now im wondering if having sex will negate the positive effects of quitting pmo.

    I know talking to another girl isnt the best thing to do but im not looking for assistance there, i just want to know if having sex will make it take longer for me to see the benefits of quitting pmo.
  2. 19conquer

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    Yes it will. You're still releasing your energy. Most people here would agree that it's better than watching porn though.
  3. ledener

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    I do really think that the result is similar, but yes, less than if it were with porn masturbation.

    I'm in a moment that I don't even urge to sex with a girl. I do think better and I can control my instincts to have sex only with a girl that I really care about and have more than a physical atraction!
    It's beeing wonderfull to be able to think like that, because i've passed most of my youth acting like a dog in search of plesure!

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