Is Sexual Repression A Problem?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Tomkey, Jun 25, 2018.

Is Sexual Repression A Problem?

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  1. Tomkey

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    Sexual repression is a major issue in our world. It was psychotherapist Sigmund Freud who once declared that sexual repression is the chief psychological problem that we face in society.
    Erotic dreams.
    How frequently do you dream about sex and sexuality? If you’re having dreams about sleeping with or having intimate contact with another person (who isn’t your partner), it is likely that you are sexually repressed. The more sexually repressed you are, the more perverse your dreams will be. Chances are that you have not explored or fully accepted your sexuality yet
  2. Devil's Details

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    And Sigmund Freud eats a lot of ridicule from present-day psychologists, too. Not saying he's wrong and they're right, though. There are several very important and valuable areas of today's profession, but it also carrys a lot of deep, deep flaws. Just like Freud did. A boy that can't sit in the same chair for 6 hours a day and listen to shit he doesn't care about doesn't have a disorder, and sometimes a cigar is really just a cigar.

    As for:
    On one side, of course you're sexually repressed. Very few men have the amount of sex with the quantity and quality of partners they'd actually choose if landing girls was no obstacle. Very few women have the quality of partner she really wants. We can't all have 10s, however we individually score that, so almost all of us "settle" for partners and arrangements that match our own "league".

    On the other hand, fantasizing about people other than your partner is perfectly reasonable, for the reasons previously stated. Most of us are not particularly attractive (healthy) on an objective basis, nevermind when compared to the perfect bodies and backgrounds our media constantly bombards us with, nevermind male or female (romance novels/movies) porn.

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