Is someone here that 'made it' with girls?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by David stone, Nov 7, 2017.

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    Hello guys. i consider that a guy who wasnt that good or not good at all with girls and turned it around... to be improving himself. So...if you are that guy can you share some tips here for your fellow comrades? Please comment only with practical stuff that worked for you. (We all have internet and access to dating advice, so please keep it simple and honest.)
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  2. I started dating at 23 years year out of the psych ward. So let's say the cards were stacked against me pretty hard. I had no skills with women, so I joined and that's how I started interacting with women. It took me a while to go on my first date but I remember how shy and awkward I was because I was missing all the social cues. After 2 dates, she thought I was too inexperienced and didn't want to go out with me anymore, and I took that really hard. I joined the gym and I worked out quite a bit and lost a bunch of weight that was the first step I did, and slowly my confidence went up. I was still on the dating site however I felt like I had more to talk about since I was improving myself. Overtime, I went on more and more dates but I still wasn't confident I was dealing with my bipolar disorder which I stopped taking my meds for and there was a period of time I just was out of control, however I was meeting a lot of women. I wouldn't even call that success with women but rather experience. Eventually, you get older and once you have gained enough life experience meeting and talking to women becomes easier and easier. All I can suggest is going out there and trying whether it's online dating, the bar, school, meeting through mutual friends.. success isn't about how many people you have slept with rather how many quality relationships you have.
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