Is something wrong with me?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by saroo, Sep 1, 2020.

  1. saroo

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    so i will soon be 18 and i have been masturbating daily for years. I never tried to stop myself earlier as i had read about all the withdrawal effects and uncontrollable urges and feared relapsing. But for a week now i have stopped fapping and TBH i dont feel any withdrawal effects or the bad stuff even though i am alone all day long in my room. Is? something wrong with me? am i not supposed to experience the withdrawal effect
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    You are young, man. A lot of us envy you for having the strength and wisdom to recognize this condition so early in life.

    Let me tell you, the world is a far far more exciting place than internet P. Don't look at P ever again. Talk to girls naturally and live like your ancestors did.

    About M, you can slow down a bit. Once a week is better than daily. You will radiate more confidence and presence, if you keep this up.

    About withdrawal, the important thing is to know you are on the path. People experience different symptoms and signs of recovery.

    What brought you to NoFap?
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    thanks for the advice, i started nofap as i am applying to colleges nowadays and i have a ton of work to do, but for weeks i had been fapping 3-4 times each day which left no energy in me to get any work done. then i decided to NoFap(though i just broke my streak) i dont plan on M for atleast two weeks now that i know i can do it:)

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