Is that even possible to do Nofap while being single?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Achievement, Jun 14, 2021.

  1. Achievement

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    So, lately I've been wondering..
    Is that even possible to succeed in Nofap while being single?

    Here's why I ask;

    I'm currently 25 years old (Yep, I'm on day 45 without pmo)
    and though I hang out with friends and I interact with girls I don't have a girlfriend.
    (no sex life at all :< ).
    So I've been wondering, is that even possible in the long run to do Nofap?

    I'm really trying to figure out for myself if that's even good for me.
  2. Achievement

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    Wait, I lost you for a moment.
    Masturbating and watching porn is unproductive and addicting in the long run or Nofap is.. ?
  3. I think it's clear he said PMO is unproductive and addicting.

    Anyway, you could see the point of doing NoFap while you are single is so that it will benefit you when you do have a GF, so that you can enjoy a healthy sex life with her and not one that is potentially complicated due to desensitisation and porn addiction.
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  4. Prabal Baishya

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    Well I have been single for my whole life and currently 19 with a year of no PMO. So yeah it's definitely possible.
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  5. .. it's fairly obvious most people on here are single, and since there's no evidence that people who are successful (by whatever definition) are otherwise I really don't know why you're asking it. Just because it's harder because you can't have actual sex w/o a gf? You can imagine a lot of people have been in the same situation out of the many here.
  6. DeeJ4y

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    It is possible and at first almost the best possible situation since one can fully focus on his/ her reboot and wellbeing. Of course nofap is difficult since there will be a lot of urges and loneliness can make it even worse. Still there is no chaser effect from sex or arguments. This is just my opinion but I guess everyone is different. Still I do not think that if one is single he/she should wait to get in a relationship before starting nofap. It is better to be more complete when entering a relationship and also from the benefits relationship could be more likely to start when one is not wasting energy and time into PMO.
  7. It’s even easier if you’re single, I’m not sure on your logic here…
  8. plzgivemegp

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    Very possible. GF = Sex = Chaser effect. Makes it more difficult actually.

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