Is the “successful reboot” mindset helpful?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Basic Plains, Sep 23, 2018.

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    Here is a thought that I had.

    I know I struggle with streaks, my brain says to me “hey, it’s only been 2 days might as well pmo. Your only loosing 2 days of progress! That’s not all that much.”

    This got me thinking. Because you see, the urge to continually give into pmo after a relapse will always have a degree of difficulty to resist if we are motivated simply by a day counter system.

    It is much more of a sacrifice to throw away a let’s say 12 day streak away to an urge than it is to throw a 12 hour streak.

    Hense why it seems so hard to resist after a relapse (plus a lot of other factors but let’s leave those be for now). Making it harder for me (and perhaps others) to create meaningful “streaks”.

    To help combat this type of thinking I want to try something diffrent than what I’ve tried before. I don’t want to just celebrate the days as my meter of success but also my ability to say no to urges.

    For example someone who is only 2 days into a reboot might not think that’s much to give up if they relapse. But what if they had 5 successful times they said no to an urge? Suddenly that 2 day streak will have more value to them.

    I want to make it clear I don’t have a problem with counting days. However I want to simply incorporate another measurement tool to help motivate me through the early stages of a reboot.

    Just some thoughts.

    What do you all think? What other measurement of success in a reboot do you use in a similar way?
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    Well then, that makes me 64 days and 27,052 urges averted....

    Lol, I'm being a snot. Honestly, for those of us here, porn is an addiction. You use any means necessary to quit your addiction. So anything that can help you is a positive thing. Lots of alcoholics smoke more. Lots of ex smokers eat more. As long as your not picking up a worse addiction, I say more power to you. Add an urges averted section above your pmo tracker. If something that simple will work for you then you should do it.
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