Is the reboot real?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Billybrasco, Oct 9, 2021.

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    In the case of most addictions, abstinence is the key. For example you don't hear of an alcoholic "rebooting" so he can then drink normally. For some reason this doesn't apply to PMO. Why would that be?

    Hoping to hear from the "veterans" on this one. I'm really hoping this is all for a true goal and not for a myth.
  2. I've been sober for four and a half years. My drinking was bad enough that quitting cold turkey nearly killed me so abstinence is a necessity for me. If I were to attempt casual drinking in the future I have zero doubt that I would quickly deteriorate into everyday binging followed by a horrible death.

    This doesn't apply to other addictions such as sex, food, and money (by money I mean easy access to credit) because there is no way of completely eliminating these things from your life. Even if you were to decide to be celibate for the rest of your life you would still have a sexuality and thus always have the temptations.
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    As far as i know the main objective on this site is to stop porn, the author himself say he is not against M and few people that have had a long streak are hoping to one day get back into it.
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    My big realization is that I was addicted to MO before I was addicted to P. Porn was just the supercharger.

    I guess I'm hoping that I'll still be able to go back to a healthy sexuality at all, even without porn that strikes me as a challenge. However I'm still relatively new to all of this. Maybe in time that will become clear.
  5. For me, my purpose here is to break my porn habit and improve my life. There is no longer any reason for me to look at porn. I am not interested in going back to hell. I think masturbation is normal and have found it helpful in reclaiming my fantasy life. But most important is learning how to properly relate to women in real life. The notion that I might “reboot” so I can look at porn in moderation or some such strikes me as stupid.
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    yeah, to be clear I wasn't thinking about porn specifically. I was thinking about masturbation and sex in general. As I said, I had a problem with masturbation before I did porn- so for me perhaps the goals and outcomes are different than some others.

    I think the "reboot" applies to the brain in general; an overall dopamine repair system that probably goes well beyond me, that is the goal and that is what I'm hoping is very real.
  7. 7 years of nofap on and off after 4 years of heavy porn, masturbation and orgasm. I was fapping myself to death almost everyday. I tried to stop by soft mode and hardmode and almost passed out multiple times the further I went. One day, I was lying on my bed, I found myself wandering in my room. It's like my eyes detached from my body and started flying above to reach the ceiling. I had only one rebooter besides me reported this issue amongst other multiple withdrawals known from paws and flatline.
    Semen retention is the key. Total abstinence is good if you are a severe case. As in life, balance is everything but can you keep up and not return to your old ways...?
    Right now, my pelvic area look darky. It's like blood is not reaching there. And penis been itchy a while now. I've always heard something that "itching" is a good sign of healing.
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    I think I get what you mean, about returning to healthy sexuality. I don't think I had that ever, either. I still don't know for a fact that it's possible, but I assume it is.

    In the meantime, in order to quit P, I definitely had to quit M, it helps to quit O, and I'm trying to disconnect myself from S as much as possible. I think some people would call that suppressive and say it's dangerous, but I have one question and one comment for them. The question; what happens if I don't O? If I don't eat I starve, if I don't drink my cells shrivel up and die. If I don't O... then what? People can and have gone their entire lives without S, and they have been happy, fulfilling, productive lives. Are we saying I can't learn to make that happen for myself?
    The comment; having lived addicted to P, addicted to M and O, addicted to erotic thoughts, and basically led around my entire life like a bull with a ring through his dick, and then having experienced the freedom and clarity of thought without all of that garbage... I'd rather never experience anything sexual again than go back to that life. I'd rather live with the current level of sexual struggle I have now every day for the rest of my life than be that simping, sniveling, pathetic loser again. Right now, today, I am a better person without any of that, and I am happy to give up the hope of a healthy relationship with S entirely than risk going back.
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    From my experience, after i made the decision to quit porn, it takes me 3 months then just thinking about porn became stupid. I really didn’t care and was laughing about myself watching it. The problem here is 2 things. 1- it is a real hardcore addiction and that’s why there is a whole community of nofap, add to that how easy you can access thousands of videos anywhere anytime. 2- your brain got addicted to porn not real sex which is why there is a book called your brain on porn. I don’t know the science behind it but it seems there are many negative effects that comes with watching porn. You have to forget about P and M and make it something in the past. What i found is that if this is something so difficult to do to the point of getting mental breakdown or high stress that affects your daily life, then you may have a past trauma or emotional pain. You cover that being getting addicted to P and M like how heroin addicts get addicted because of life difficulties.
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    I see porn like junk food. Its not that ur not supposed to give up food, just that type of it.

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