Is there any good reason why we should avoid PMOing?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by HellOnEarth, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. HellOnEarth

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    Is there any good reason why we should avoid PMOing at any cost?
    I'm asking that because, as the time passes I'm really starting to believe that this whole "NoFap" is nothing more then a superstition.
    I also think that all the benefits that we "achieve" from doing Nofap are just an outcome of our own imagination and that it has nothing to do with masturbation or porn.
    I'm not trying to convince anyone to masturbate or anything like that, I'm just curious
  2. Indurian

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    If you try to stop porn but can't then that means you are using it to mask unpleasant feelings in your life. You are numbing yourself against one of (or in my case all of) depression, anxiety and stressors. This appears common to everyone on this site.

    Read as much as you can on what it does to your brain. That helped me the most. I would like to write more to try to be of help but I've got to head to work unfortunately.

    Best of luck my friend
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  3. bken

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    Long term PMO abuse can cause loss of grey matter in the brain, can cause extremely debilitating withdrawals and depressions.

    Studies carried out by the Max Planck institute in Germany have shown decreased grey matter in brains of porn addicts, especially in the striatum and the prefrontal cortex.
    Besides depression, other mental health disorders aren't uncommon; the risk of developing things like ocd, anxiety disorders and eating disorders is very high in porn addicts.
  4. HellOnEarth

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    But isn't it more of a psychological thing? like; I'm happy because I chose to be happy..
    I mean, you can say exactly the same thing about alcohol, energy drinks and junk food.
    (the only reason I'm using them are out of joy and not because I'm anxient or depressed)
  5. Dexter Moran

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    I identify completely with what you have written. I agree that using porn is a way of dealing with unpleasant feelings.
    It doesn't work however. When the porn session is over you're worse off than before. To answer HellOnEarth's question NoFap is not a superstition! It is an invaluable tool which can enable people to overcome PMO.
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  6. BreakingBenjamin

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    In life, tasks that require higher efforts have higher rewards.
    Quitting porn was very hard for me but the overall quality of my life has improved as a reward..
    You should give it a try.
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  7. HellOnEarth

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    Which changes did you notice?
    Were there any major changes besides better quality of sleep and being more alert and energetic?
    Because those are the sort of things that I experience right now regardless to PMO (it depends of course)
  8. The Legend of Hope

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    Asking questions is not wrong. I need to do more research. Right now, I would say that we got other problems in our lives e.g. with yourself, with other people or with our situation. We try to avoid problems. There is a reason why we do that. There can be different reasons. We run away so we don't feel bad anymore. Like a student running away from his exam. I don't even see myself as a "porn addictit". But I want to improve and learn. Watching porn costs me hours of my life. I avoided going out or having some quality time with my family. Running away from the problem won't change the cause!
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  9. Gentle man

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    if its just the amount of free time that will come up then it is enough

    plus to many things like for example the relax and getting feelings like guilt away
  10. Fenix Rising

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    Curing PIED is one benefit.
    Not numbing emotions is the second.
    Having more energy is the third.
    Not wasting tons of time jerking to some pixels the fourth.
    Becoming more attractive to other sex the fifth (women can somehow smell a man full of testosterone).
    Improving self-discipline by conquering addiction the sixth…
    Being able to address resurfaced underlying issues I was masking by compulsive binge MB the seventh
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  11. Koufax32

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    Since starting my recovery, I know there are things happening on a psychological and neurological and physiological level. I feel like those things are happening behind the scences though.

    There are changes and benefits that I see on a more tangible level. I feel my mind is cleared more. I am more enlightened and more knowledgeable on P and the problems it has caused not only me but society. I feel like I have more time, focus, and energy for things like work, reading, hobbies etc. I feel more connected to my family and loved ones. Especially in trying to work the 12 steps, making amends, and trying to be a better and more attentive person.

    It helps to not be so preoccupied and consumed with PMO and sexual fantasy, ogling, lust. Once I have tried putting those things out of my mind and focused on being a more wholesome person, I feel like quitting has been really beneficial to my life.

    I’m not sure if you are currently in a relationship or not, but that is where you might see the biggest benefits in quitting PMO. You will thank yourself and your partner will feel any and all benefits from you quitting. P has no place in your life, and definitely no place in a relationship. It will only cause pain. I wish I had started this journey long ago.
  12. BreakingBenjamin

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