Is there any websites, games, or what to do to keep me off masturbation?

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  1. When I was 13 I played a lot of android games and stuff that keeps me entertained, but now it's boring and I'm 15. So if anyone can suggest me some games or anything that really keeps me off masturbation. Or maybe i can join you in the game. I have deleted social media like Instagram, Facebook etc.. So I would appriciate it if you can recommend me some activities to do (not boring).
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  3. I have a potato laptop, you play Rules of Survival ? Like PUBG but on android.
  4. I don't play any games on android

    And steam has good quality low-PC spec games. What's your steam name?
  5. SnickRick is my steam name. Add me up.
  6. Added. The guy with darth vader as pic?
  7. Yes, that's me haha.
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    It depends a lot what kind of games you like ... personally, I would recommend Stardew Valley. It's like Harvest Moon, but better. Your potato computer should be able to run it, my 8 year old netbook runs it fine. It's calming, and there's at least 60+ hours of gameplay. The problem with mobile games is that's what they are, mobile and meant as small distractions. The best kind of games to occupy your time are RPGs or something that can really absorb you into the universe. Skyrim, Minecraft, anything to really juice your imagination. This also comes back to what kind of games you enjoy.

    Also if you haven't heard of, it has so many flash games you will be occupied for months.
  9. Yeah android games sucks. Def gonna try Stardew Valley cuz u said that it's a calming game and I like calming games so yeah. Btw i played some Kongregate games but still lame. Thx for your advice bradda.
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    Long Live The Queen. It's funny, frustrating, looks so girly that you won't want anyone to know you're playing it, and will keep you going for hours trying to find the many different story line paths.

    Also, +1 to Stardew Valley. They've added some things to the game since I last played it so I might even reinstall it at some point.

    Terraria. This game, this tedious, rage quit inducing, wonderful game...some say it's like a 2D Minecraft. I disagree, as once you really start digging into it the similarities become far and few between. Might be a little heavy on the cpu so that would be something to check.
  11. I'm the worst chess player ever.
  12. Thank u very very much for the Games and Android anti porn browser app reccomendations. Def gonna try it out.

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