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    Hi, today is the 8th day of my new reboot and i suddenly have the idea of my penis is small, so i wanted to measure it and when i tried to measure it i masturbated although i didn't have any sexual image in my head but i consider it as a relapse but i don't intend to watch porn at all.

    I struggled to stay hard to be able to measure it and i tried to measure it in the moment of ejaculation and form what I find it's range from 11:12 or even 13 cm and this when i try to measure the visible part i think it's 12 or 11.9 cm because i measured a long time ago with different tool and I find the same results, so i would say it's 12cm. because there's no different between 11.9 and 12cm.
    when i tried to measure the invisible part i found it's about 1.5 : 3 cm more because sometimes find it's 3cm more but I will say there's 2cm under.
    therefor the visible is 11.9 or 12 and invisible is 2cm. ,so is this size normal because i have a compulsive behavior and thoughts about assuring about its size but the 2 times i tried to measure it 2 times and in both time I masturbated because I'm tying to stimulate it to end up with ejaculation. therefore depression and sadness because I consider masturbation as a relapse.

    within the lase 8 or 12 months when I relapse I suffer to be erected and even my erection isn't so hard it's slightly loosed and i remember in the past i was having a strong erection that may feel and one time before when i reached about 45 day i was in the street to find myself has a strong erection to and suffered to hide but i could and stayed hard for about 15min but as i said before this is the size of penis and that's how i feel currently about my erection.

    Note: I'm 181cm and I'm 103.5kg and I have at least 11kg of extra fats and 10L of extra water and my normal weight should be (61.3-82.9). and I'm 23 years old.

    so what's my problem ? do i have a small penis and if i get fit, will i lose the fats the cover the invisible part of my penis. and do i have ED because i hardly make it hard even while watching porn.

    i don't intend to watch porn or masturbate again but i want to know is this normal or should i go to doctor.
    finally what's your advice for me ? I'm planning to go to gym. do you recommend it .
    so , what's my problem and what's your advice
    thanks in advance.
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  2. Yes, go to the gym.
    Yes, lose the body fat. Even if it didn't make your dick bigger, you'll still feel better about yourself.

    I feel you. Mine is 10.4 cm long (visible . . . what else really matters?) and I have less body fat to lose than you do. I have relapsed from getting myself hard for measuring purposes and simply being triggered by seeing how small my penis is. :eek:

    Best not to focus on penis size. Better to focus on getting to the gym. Once you start doing that, you will naturally focus more and more on the results that you will get from going to the gym. :cool:

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