Is thinking a man’s hair is cool ‘gay’?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Fixmybrain, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. Fixmybrain

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    I always joke around about growing a mullet and often show mullets of other men from the 80s around my sister and mom (cause they hate mullets) and they started saying ‘do you like guys or something’? I just think a mullet would look cool on me is all. Is this weird?
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  2. No it is not gay, not at all.

    Your question is similar to me liking a guys muscles because I want my body to be like that, does that make me gay? Or if I think a guys eyes are cool, does that make me gay? Or even growing up, wishing I looked as attractive on some other guys around me that would get all the girls, because I wanted the girls, does that make me gay?

    Your question is such an overreaction, I have to assume you have HOCD or something.
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  3. Max Fisher

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    Mullets are cool. It takes a certain man to rock the neck curtains. If liking mullets is gay I don't wanna be straight.
  4. I seen this one guy, he looked like superman I was like 'Dude looks so cool', then remembered I look like batman and then thought "pfft I'm cooler than that guy"
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  5. Max Fisher

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  6. As do you, friend.
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  7. Fixmybrain

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    It’s a bit overboard because if you say something ‘homophobic’ people think you’re a closet gay but if you’re the opposite of homophobic ‘really comfortable around gays’ instead then you’re also gay apparently. I really don’t understand people
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  8. Max Fisher

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    Its kinda like the paradox of the mullet itself. It cant be called a long hair style but its not short either. It defies lables. Much like sexuality.
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  9. haha yeah, I know exactly what you mean. If you are suffering from HOCD, quit porn and also start to let the thoughts go, every time a thought comes, and it stresses you out or causes anxiety, or even if you feel anything, label the thought as OCD, and don’t give it any attention.

    No matter how much anxiety it causes you, how stressed out you may seem, or even how gay you feel, do not look for reassurance and do not look give the thoughts attention, this is what makes the ocd stronger. I know this is insanely hard, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve done before, and I’m now doing it again. The thoughts will get weaker and eventually you’ll realize you aren’t gay or bi at all. Also don’t expect progress, just wait for it too come, whether that be tomorrow, next week, or next month.

    I’ve beaten HOCD before, then became a porn addict again, now it’s back. I’m not even into gay or tranny porn, I’m just desensitized to girls in real life because I became addicted to incest. When you beat it, your life returns to how it should be.
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  10. CodeTalker

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    Solid snake has a mullet. It’s cool.

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  11. Nutbush73

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    never heard of HOCD until recently.......interesting
    Question; as a Gay man do you think the opposite can be I go on my no pmo journey is there a chance I will start being attracted to females?

    Either way I hope I never become attracted to mullets :)

    but liking mullets in no ways makes you more gay.
    Just as me no not liking them makes me no less gay.
  12. GreenSwampGuy

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    The only people who are being weird in this situation are your mother and sister OP. They seem to have some rather toxic ideas about manliness. There’s only one scientifically accepted definition of being gay: wanting to do sexual things with other men and not wanting to do them with women. Liking mullets does not fall under that definition.
  13. majorfiddle23

    majorfiddle23 Fapstronaut

    Not gay at all.

    they are just testing you
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  14. BravelyKegger

    BravelyKegger Fapstronaut

    Nah not gay, I mean I drool over guts from berserk but still not gay.
  15. Fixmybrain

    Fixmybrain Fapstronaut

    Figured. I didn’t give a shit at first but then it became annoying
  16. dboy18

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    Admiring guys hair is okay. I think the minute it becomes an obsession then your sexuality is questionable. For example I used to always look at guys beards and tell my sister or friends that I want to try that beard style or whatever.

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