Is this a relapse, reset or nothing?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I began my nofap journey and was pmo free for 32 days. Before that I was P free for almost 3 weeks.

    However, last night I met a girl and hooked up with her (I was fully aware abt my no PMO journey, but I guessed since it's a real person, it's okay.)

    But now, I am not so sure. I think I have read enough on these forums Abt bad relapses, but I am never going to P again or random M just cause I have free time

    I am not sure if I should call this a relapse or a reset. Even if it's a reset I'll very much get demotivated if I have to set back my counter to zero.

    What do you guys think?
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    I would just relax man, the whole point of this is to reconnect with your sexuality and eventually with someone else.
    There will be some that say that you ‘broke the rules’ because you had an orgasm in the middle of a reboot. But the fact is that you had an orgasm with someone else, someone real and that is very valuable given the situation. So be happy about that.

    The thing is that having orgasms sometimes leads to a kind of chaser effect where you want to repeat the experience, and in our case PMO is a real danger. So be really conscious about how your body reacts to this whole thing. You may be prone to feel sadder or unmotivated, and that can lead you to want to use porn again.

    just keep on pushing forward with your reboot, keep yourself busy, plan ahead and make sure you fill up your day with things that will make you feel better about yourself or maybe share your day with someone.

    33 days is a very big milestone and I congratulate you for that, but it’s time for caution and now more than ever, focus on improving your life.
    Wish you the best man!
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  4. Thanks guys,

    I have not gotten into chaser effect and, it was just a one time thing. I have absolutelely no desire to see porn now

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