Is this a relapse?

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  1. Pharm-in-a

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    hello, i am 31 years old, I used to PMO since I was 17, I decided to stop this bad habbit, and it is now 41 days since I last used porn websites, I passed 2 flatlines the first one was worse, it took few days starting from day 20, and the second one also took few days starting from day 35. During these 41 days several ejaculations occured, and some times on successive days. I am living since two years with a colleague and we are studying abroad together, and sometimes whenever we talk to something related to sex (as a joke or funny facts) i ejaculate!!! Sometimes also we can fight (not a real fight but just for fun) sometimes we hit the private parts and whenever it happened i could ejaculate!!
    This happened about 5 times during the 41 days, is this considered a relapse? is this subsequently lead to dopamine rise?
    Sorry for my english as it is not my mother togue language.
  2. aerobubble4

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    Hi, when someone is trying to stay away from PMO for a long time, the hormones in the body build up and they need a way out. From what I know, it is common to have wet dreams and ejaculate in your sleep when you haven't PMO for over 1-3 weeks. That's happened to me. But I am not sure if people ejaculate just by listening about sex. I can understand one might feel sensations in the private parts and have a boner, but I am not sure if ejaculation on just hearing about sex is normal.

    I am sure that it's not a relapse. Because what happened to you was natural. You didn't do anything. There's no PMO. So it's definitely not a relapse.
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  3. ConMan

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    Yes it is a relapse
  4. ShotDunyun

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    Hey Bro, 31 year old here as well. I started the NoFap journey about three years ago with some success and a lot of failures. My best streak is seven months, and I remember having raging erections and wet dreams but I never experienced none of the things you listed. I personally would not count it as relapse since there was no pornographic material involved. But I'm curious, why would that happen just by talking. Are you thinking about porn/sex a lot?
  5. Pharm-in-a

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    Yes, but it is much less than before, may be also because I fantasize a lot these days. Hopefully things will be better soon.
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  6. Infinite spirit

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    How could this even happen ?! should seek a doctor asap!
  7. HugoBoss

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    When you don't have sex / ejaculate for a long period of time your penis becomes very sensitive
    so it's not a surprise that you ejaculate whenever she touch there..
    I wouldn't consider it as a relapse
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  8. ShotDunyun

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    I also find myself fantasizing a lot. There's a thing called the "3 second rule" regarding this. Don't allow yourself to fantasize more than 3 seconds. I hope you will be more successful than me.

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