Is this a replase ?? Help me

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by ophouddin22, May 23, 2019.

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    I started NoFap on April 1st,2019 and I'm on normal mode..!!

    Between April 1st and today I made love twice and had few cuddling sessions..!!

    Mostly my wife is tierd after day long work and won't help me most of the times with my urges ..!!

    Even at day 53 ..I have very strong urges to break the PMO..somehow I'm holding it ..!!!

    When the urge is the peak ...I did the following but did not mastrubate..!!!

    - I browsed through local escort sites
    - I spent some time looking at the naked girls on YouTube ..
    - Few times I tried to fantasize steamy session. With a girl of my imagination ..!!
    - Sometimes I went through the NoFap forum ( problematic sexual behaviour ) to get relived ..!!

    I'm much better than before but sometimes I still the same as old days ( low energy and not interested in doing anything )

    Please suggest me if the above mentioned points are all replases??
    And how do I start being more goal oriented??
  2. So, you intentionally:
    -Browsed escort sites
    -Looked at naked girls on youtube
    A relapse is "the return to bad habits after a period of improvement."
    Sorry, but i would reset my streak. Though it's commendable that you reached 52 days
  3. safa61947

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    Yes you stepped across the line. Reset your streak.
  4. sbank

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    I think going to nofap forum's is good but the other stuff you're only making it hard on yourself, this is hard enough as it is without adding temptation, this site right here and all the nofap video's on youtube have been really helpful to me
  5. I relapsed when I just past 2 months mark. Stay strong, I believe you can do better than me
  6. ophouddin22

    ophouddin22 Fapstronaut

    Thank you all...I'll reset the streak and try be more sincere ..!!!

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