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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by bawer, Oct 8, 2021.

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    Hi guys I am David 21 years old from Germany I started nofap at 18yo when I descovered the amazing benefits and I did many streaks until now the previous streak was about 40 days when I ended up faping using porn at the 40th day now I am on 34days and i faped today without porn or fantasie porn at all and of course I want to continue nofap and I want to mention I don’t feel tired like when you masturbate with porn and you feel depressed and stuff I feel actually ok and i will do my best to keep going until 90 days + what I want to know if I schuld reset my counter to zero considering I don’t have ed or how many days back this puts me at this point thanks guys
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    If your goal is to completely cut out porn, masturbation and orgasm then yeah i would say that resets your count cause its still masturbation. But besides the counter, whats more important is your actual healing journey and although you masturbated, i would say it is a slight improvement since you didn't use porn at least. That's not a greenlight or justification to keep masturbating without porn, but it does show you're becoming less dependent on porn at least, and that's a start.

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