Is this consider cheating?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Alk346, May 27, 2017.

  1. Alk346

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    I'm on day 7 on no pmo, but from time to time I fantasize to the point of an erection and look at women in public. Are these considered cheating/relapsing?
  2. It depends what rules of reboot you set for yourself. So the answer is that it is whatever you say it is. There are however "official" reboot modes. Porn-Free Mode; abstaining from porn, PM-Mode; abstaining from porn and masturbation, Hard Mode; abstaining from porn, masturbation, and intentional (wet dreams does not count) orgasm (sex is also fine as long as you do not orgasm) and Monk Mode; Hard Mode plus some even more strict rules you set for yourself (such as no looking, no fantasizing, not using internet, exercising hard every day). Basically what I am saying is that first thing you have to do is decide how you want to reboot. Set your own boundaries. Then do not cross them. If you do, it's a relapse. But if you have't set any boundaries for yourself it's not my job to tell you on which mode you should be in, different things work for different people.
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  3. SnowWhite

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    In fact, you need to decide this for yourself.
    PMO is an "escape from real world". It hinders us from pursuing any dreams and from reaching any goals.
    So if you feel like your behaviour is an "escape attempt", then it is a kind of relapse.
    Just don't be too harsh or too strict on yourself. We are humans and sexuality is powering us. We cannot defeat our inner nature, but we can wisely use it.

    I see the idea of abstinence in strengthening our self-discipline and self-confidence.
    And once you start with abstinence, you should immediatedly begin to pursue real-world-projects. Then you will reach the fulfilled life you are made for.
  4. immortal5

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    Forcing an erection should be a relapse, but then again I guess that would be too extreme, just continue on your streak bro and stop that shit.
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  5. Alk346

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    dude take it easy, yes I need to stop, no need for the profanity. im like everyone else just trying to better themselves and break this awful habit. take care
  6. Happy Man

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    It's not a relapse, but it will slow down the re wiring. We all do it more in the beginning of the journey.

    Once you catch yourself fantasizing, stop fantasizing and focus on something else.

    Over time you get better at it. Every one fantasize to a certain extent, I still do but I catch myself quickly and focus on something else.
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  7. KingdomLife

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    Fantasizing is very, very dangerous for your streak, because it can trigger urge ambushes later. It doesn't count as a reset, but it's like a chess move played by the enemy that sets you up for a reset. Do your best to train your mind that fantasizing is NOT okay, and you'll be more equipped to succeed in the end. Good luck!
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