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    I'm on noFap day 7. Today , I woke up many times at night and I think I jerked or opened and closed(shook) my duck twice or thrice , just three moves , is that a reset because of edging? Plus , when I was half asleep , my pillow was between my legs and I suddenly started thrusting my pelvis on the pillow and I ejaculated within 3 thrusts ,(note that I was half asleep and I don't have PE , it takes me three to four minutes to ejaculate) so was that a wet dream or was it a relapse, please help me , I'm concerned.
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    It's not a relapse because it's not a conscious decision to start using porn again. Whether or not you consider it a reset is up to you. I, personally, do not consider it a reset based on my original goal which is to stop using imagery and to stop MO completely. You will most likely stop doing this as your brain rewires so just try not to do it and keep going on your streak.
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  3. As long as you don't use porn OR fantasize about porn, you're fine.
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