Is this edging or PMO?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by cryptifly, Dec 6, 2015.

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    So I just had an experience and I'm not quite sure what it was. I looked at porn images today, and I think O'd, a little bit of semen came out but not nearly as much as could have. But the thing is, I never actually went through with motion of M. The images themselves were enough to make me O a little. And it was a little. I never felt that huge rush you feel when you full on PMO. Is it PMO if you O but not M? I guess the dopamine rush was there but, like I said, it wasn't a big one. I'm trying to decide if this was a relapse or not. I'm on day 16 for crying out loud. I already beat my record by two days...
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    If I were you, I'd count it as a relapse. The dopamine rush man. If you had it, you are probably going through a lot of sexual tension. In my cases, I always M'd and O'd within the next 24-48 hours of having an experience like yours. It has always been inevitable for me.

    You've set your goals for MO, and not P. It doesn't work like that. Since we are addicts, I don't think we should hand ourselves the privilege of a sneak-peek while we are trying to fight it. It's a slippery slope that is bound to take you downhill. This is only as far as my experience goes. You can fight it, maybe. But I'd relapse in such a situation.
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    I agree with Taurean, its the porn thats the problem, not necessarily the MO. Don't get yourself down though, because you're still better than where you were 16 days ago, that progress doesn't get lost. Don't let the number of days fool you.
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    Thats precum. You need to reset the counter, 100%.
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    i had a similar situation myself today, and i decided it would be more honest of me to reset rather than continue with my current streak, and feel like a hypocrite. its hard to accept that you may have failed due to a tecnicality, but that's the way life works sometimes :/
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    The first step to recovery is being true to yourself. Whatever you do, don't binge. I look at this as a step forward, not back. You're learning your triggers, and that is progress. Keep at it brother.
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    Your prostate is clogged up from edging. Don't edge

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