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  1. This is my 3rd day of no PMO so far. And I still have not had any urges. I read a lot about people having the urges the day after immediately. Yet I did not have them. Is that normal?

    Is it a good idea then to skip sex for now until i have the urges? (I do no PM, O only due the use of sex or my GF helping me out)
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    In my humble, unprofessional, non-medical opinion, I consider its ok not to have urges every now and then. For example, I don't think I would have urges right after my pet died, or my house catched fire or I lost my job. Give it more time, keep the streak going, and the libido will come back on its own (and probably stronger and healthier than the lame porn craving could be).
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    It is different for every guy and every body. If you don't have urges yet, great! Celebrate that, but don't get over-confident. They will come, and they will be challenging to resist, but you can do it. If you were someone who didn't masturbate every day before, then it would make sense that you don't have immediate strong urges. But it's just different for every situation. There is no one clear model for recovery.
  4. So far I still do not have urges. day 7, during sex I noticed: erections "seem" stronger, somehow I did not have PE as I usually do, I managed to last longer than 4 minutes the 3 times we had sex (once a day, in 3 days) while I have PE for like months. And I didn't feel drained from orgasming. I still have no urges now.

    Am I making slow progress with the mentioned things above? Or is it just placebo?

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