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    Hi all,

    I’m 19 and have a PIED and a porn addiction. I’ve been speaking to this girl for a while now from my college and we are getting much closer. We’ve both basically said that we’re interested in a relationship with each other and stuff. I’m not far into my hard mode reboot at all and is chatting to her and getting into a relationship a good thing/is it sensible to do? Or should I wait until further into the reboot?
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    That's alright, but I hope you can spend time with her without thinking about those porn scenes with her(don't objectify her), since if you do this, you will always feel little shame on your relationship and this is kind of thing that can be really hard to tell, since any person might get angry by this kind of behavior. If you are not objectifying her. I think you are doing very good.

    You said you are doing hard mode and that's the same as semen retention to me. You can have love life while you are doing hard mode, but I would discourage it before 6 months of rebooting, since 90 days is so small time for anyone. Let me ask you: "If person cannot drive bike for 3 months of winter, does he lose ability to drive bike?" and answer this is no he does not. So let's say you and your gf have some "sexy time"(As Borat used to say) I think your brain will think about porn and develop that area of brain once more, if not waited enought of time.

    My personal advice, which may be wrong or maybe right or neither is that, you should focus on your studies and be very careful on who you develop crush, since you are only 19 years old and still have great potential for life(not to say being in relationship isn't life), but when in relationship it adds layer into your life.
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    Thanks for the advice bro, when I’m chatting to her or around her I don’t think about porn at all. I have thought about porn when being with girls in the past so I think I’m doing okay at the moment.

    I don’t see us have sex anytime soon tbh, because 1) me rebooting and 2) She’s said she’s not ready for that stuff yet and I’m fully supportive of that. (Borat is very good ahaha!)

    It’s really hard for me because I’m really enjoying her company and where everything’s going but I really want to get rid of my addiction and PIED and don’t want to slow down the reboot or anything like that.

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