Is this sex addiction or bisexuality?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Omega909, Feb 14, 2020.

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    Im a 21 year old guy and I watch alot of porn and I like anal for sure. I hate that I like it because it makes me feel like a pussy and not very manly. I havent been watching too much lately because I really havent been wanting to because of a girl. This week though when i was masturbating and watching it I started getting thoughts in my head of me doing things with the guy or me being that girl and It turned me on Idk if it was because I was in the middle of wacking it or if its because im bisexual now and I only ever feel like this once in a while its not constant I get turned on by those thoughts. Ever since I can remember Ive always noticed if a guy is good looking or not but the thing is when i see a guy thats good looking I dont ever feel strong sexual attraction to them like I do with a girl. When I see certain girls I automatically feel like having sex with them never felt that way with a guy at least not noticeably. Im going to be honest I dont want to be if I am. I have nothing against people that are but its not me. It makes me feel shameful and guilty because of I think of my future spouse whoever that may be that she probably doesnt want some guy that does it both ways. I want to just be a normal manly guy who has a hot ass wife and some kids. I dont feel like I could ever have a relationship with a guy. Anytime I start to fall for a girl I get depressed over this shit because I know she would leave me most likely. I would spend hours watching porn and edging. Could this just possibly be my brain basically getting back to normal? Its been about a month since I was doing the hardcore stuff. I still watch it just not nearly as long anymore. There was multiple times Id watch guys masturbate too sometimes alone sometimes with a cut screen of a girl naked next to it.
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    Your brain is basically constantly releasing dopamine for these hours. You see the "pleasure" of masturbating for hours is the same as smoking crack for hours. Would you be smoking weed/crack for hours on end? No! It damages your body and you would feel repulsive towards it. However for the case of porn, it looks innocent, but it will just suck you time and energy away from you. Maybe you're bisexual, maybe you're straight, but anyways don't be lustful, look for true love and romantic relationship, someone who you can depend on and who can depend on you, rather than having sex alone.

    No matter what the outcome is, try nofap. Once you've rebooted, you'll see your original, truest self.
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    Total reboot. Six months of that and you’ll know.
  4. This may be a classic case of escalation . Your brain needs more extreme porn to get off. I'm assuming here that you didn't always love anal as much as you do now . That's called escalation. Kinda like how a crack head needs more powerful stuff to get high because their brain has gotten use to the normal stuff.

    On the topic of your sexuality. If you were bi I dont think you would feel as bad as you do. You would accept that part of yourself and love yourself for it. Porn has a way of destroying our sexuality and I'll tell you know it's not real . Try a 90 day reboot and focus on your real true life. Goals , family and het even this girl your talking about.

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