Is this site dying?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by The Archangel, Mar 19, 2021.

  1. The Archangel

    The Archangel Fapstronaut

    I only see posts and replies from the same people now and threads don't get as much attention. I swear this site was a lot more populated and alive last year.. Maybe everyone moved to reddit?
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  2. PanteriMauzer

    PanteriMauzer Fapstronaut

    Yep site is dying
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  3. Destranix

    Destranix Fapstronaut

    Lol, you wanna tell me now, that I found this site, everyone is leaving?

    That would be a little bit sad as I'm mostly interested in a propably small subset of this community.(Those people who arn't here mainly to get rid of porn but don't fap for different reasons and have a high level of arousal)(Or a group of people I don't yet know that I'm interested in: Or maybe single people)
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  4. justname

    justname Fapstronaut

    I don`t think site is dying lol when i opened thread which looks like drama they got sooooooooo much attention, when i opened threads which are about chilling out, having sence of humor, smiling, laughing that threads got very little attention. So no site is not dead. Don`t open threads which are about anyting positive (love, joy, sence of humor) anyting like that forget about it. You wanna get people`s attention? Create something which looks like drama and you will get attention. Why people on this site (or people in general) are that way that negativity, heavy topics, arguing, bad emotions are so much more attractive to them than anyting joyful i don`t know, but i know they are that way. So go create something negative and you will get attention lol
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  5. Either they moved to reddit or went back to their cumming habits.
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  6. Basith

    Basith New Fapstronaut

    It was long dead. Everyone here used this site more than the other social media apps. This site used to be so active. But everything went downhill since mid-2019 for some reason. Many online friends that were made here all disappeared.
    I made an account again on this site just to see what's up.
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  7. Candun

    Candun Fapstronaut

    I'd like to think people moved on from PMO and therefore from this site.
  8. onceaking

    onceaking Fapstronaut

    I only come here now and again. A lot of the regular people have deleted their accounts.
  9. I've been here since January 2014, and the site still isn't dead, in fact it's so much bigger now. I think that as long as PMO and the Internet will exist, this site or one similar to it will exist.
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  10. Hello ^^ I remember you.
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  11. No, the site isn't dying. Members come and go. No big deal.
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  12. justname

    justname Fapstronaut

    That is what i don`t understand why so many people are deleting accounts. That really brings a question how much this is `community` majority of people just come to get something and they`re out. Majority of people don`t care about even a single person in this site and for a reason i opened thread about it in past. I really don`t like that. I said this is like a facebook but it`s even worse, on facebook people are at least not full of agenda and just to get something

    When i was on gaming forum and someone comes with 1 messages just asking for something, no `hello` no anyting just enters asking fan art team to make a picture for him, or in any other way asking for something else in forum everyone spitting on him and gamers in site really don`t like he is behaving that way, they feel disgusted. On this site i noticed it happens too often and nobody even notices it haha. If they was behaving like that on gaming forum especially section rebooting in relationship just enters out of nowhere with 1 post asking for advices everyone would be so disgusted
  13. No I do not believe it is, I have been on and off this site about 3-4 years now and the activity level is about the same, some people like me are on it more then others. The awareness of pmo addiction and its consequences are becoming more well known each day, if anything this site will only grow with time.
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  14. I deleted my old account because I felt like I had become to good for the site if I am being honest, I thought I had all the answers, I was wrong.
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  15. LongPathTraveller

    LongPathTraveller Fapstronaut

    Well they can do that this site's inherent purpose was to make you stop PMO while FB's was to take away your privacy and IG's for soft p*** (jk) I know deleting your account after you get over it can appear like a d**k move but you have to give freedom to people on that one even if you hate it. That said I would be pissed off if someone came over their PMO addiction and just bid adios
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  16. Destranix

    Destranix Fapstronaut

    Maybe that's just some sort of psychological effect, but it definitly seems to be true. I'm also active in other forums and since I'm aware of the existence of this site and that there are people who are addicted to pornography, I noticed more posts to that topic.
    And: A few day ago in our daily newspaper there was an bigger article about porn addition.
  17. Upwards2020

    Upwards2020 Fapstronaut

    This site is probably more "toxic" for lack of a better word "open" people on reddit seem to be slightly more reserved with what they have on there feed and reddit NoFap seems to be all NoFap super powers mumbo jumbo ... we all know the benefits of NoFap but some of those dudes on reddit are insane
  18. ImASinnerWhoJesusSaved

    ImASinnerWhoJesusSaved Fapstronaut

    This is totally a guess, but I would not be surprised if the pandemic and the related rise in porn use is a big reason that fewer people are using the site right now. I for one fell back into porn after almost 1.5 years clean several months into the pandemic (it wasn't the pandemics fault lol, it was breaking up with my girlfriend and the resulting depression.) Anyway, I think that a lot of people got back into porn and felt too ashamed/apathetic to come back on the site. But once you've had a taste of freedom, it's hard to go on in addiction forever. Everyone hits a bottom at some point and will come back, if not here, they will find another way to begin the healing process.
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  19. The Archangel

    The Archangel Fapstronaut

    You know, I think you're right..

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