Is this site safe to use?

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  1. I mean, what if someone hacks us? I dont even remember everything I have written on the site but its basically an online diary from the last 8 years. As long as my future gf doesn't read it I guess im alright..
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    Even in the worse case scenario, i gues no1 is interested in someone diary. Besides that, if you compare every diary on this website, probelly 90% is arround the same story telling. So in that light, there would not even be a embarrisment!

    Next to all of this: worring about the future is a waste of time. The future is unknown and only your ego mess this up. Its better just to enjoy the present ^^
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  3. I wouldn't care if someone found out all of this. In fact, I think the average person would be happy to see what I have to say about this experience. I know I'm not the only one who is into trannies or other weird fetishes. There are people with porn-induced pedophilia and HOCD and I guarantee that they represent a much larger demographic that isn't on this site. If you find out my identity and you cast judgement on me then that is your choice - but I wouldn't even be that bothered by it because I'm open and honest and a human.
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    I consider the anonymity of this site to be a temporary stopgap. My goal is to be open and honest. This site has been an aid to help get there, though I haven't been posting as much. I'm finding a face to face group to work better for me. Once I get my stuff sorted out I'll come back here and post my story as I'm sure it'll help others. Without having in person connections I'm not sure I'd ever be comfortable posting all my stuff online. As for my future wife, I want to be open with her so if she isn't comfortable with what I bring to the table then she won't be my wife. By extension, I'll have to accept what she brings with her. We need not be tied down by our past forever.
  5. Well, you could always be as anonymous as possible. Don't post your pictures, real name, job, location, personal information etc.. If you were that worried about getting hacked

    But I wouldn't worry. Seems like the Administrator knows what he is doing

    Either way you can never be too careful these days posting online, I know somebody that was recently denied a Job they were looking for because the Employer "Googled" them and did not like what they see. I know this because I sit on a panel of people that have to go through and one of the criteria for that process is infact looking at an individual, and making sure they aren't a Liability

    Anyways, you're more than likely safe
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    @Hold it in Employment is onething which would concern me. Over the years I've been a little to loose with my information I let loose. Too naive in the past. There's always self employment.
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  7. Yeah just be smart about it. The thing that's good with this website though which most don't have this feature is you can delete your account here and it basically wipes your username, etc. they give you a lot of tools to edit and delete your content here so that's a very good thing

    You could always use the search feature and find whatever identifiable info you'd like to take back and delete it.

    Most message boards don't do this, so I thank the owner of the website for allowing this feature

    Main thing is Just think before you post and you shouldn't have a problem
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    Good to hear. Doing a good job.
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