Is this the flat line?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by hsb0617, Jul 28, 2022.

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    It's been 242 days since I've been masturbation, and pornography has been banned for 5 days. I've never discharged a semen in my sleep. However, after I stopped pornography, I became more depressed, anxious, and my head is blank (suspicious of brain fog), and I don't feel happy in my daily life. I don't have the desire to do masturbation. And sometimes panic attacks happen. Because of these symptoms, it is hard and exhausting all day long every day after day. Is it really the flat line? Is it because of dopamine? I am taking antidepressants and ADHD medication. I hope it's not another mental illness or an incurable disease. Every day is so painful and hard. Please think of it as saving one person and help me.
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    It is really not easy to go for 200+ days without masturbation, and you should be proud of yourself for this!

    Regarding your problems, let me share what I have learnt from others (not from me, as I am not that experienced).

    The first thing I would like to suggest is try quitting P as well. According to what you have said, you went for 200+ days without MO, but you kept watching P only until very recently. I must say that P could be as harmful as MO, because fantasizing also consumes your vital energy, just like MO. I believe you will be able to heal most (if not all) of your mental problems as you go on with your journey without PMO, so you may try it out and see how it goes first.

    Regarding the flat-line, it is something inevitable. Everyone of us here experience this at some point, and it is important to plan ahead (so you don't get overwhelmed and cope with PMO). When I am demotivated to do anything, some of the things I do are: taking walks outdoors, meditation, reading and qigong. You may experiment yourself and see what works for you.

    Hope all of the above helps, and I wish you a successful journey!
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