Is this voyeurism?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by rustyengine, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. rustyengine

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    I feel anxiety of writing this. It a bit... Scary, for me or some part of me. I take pictures to girls and ladies that attract me, who don't know that I'm doing that. I store these photos as little treasures (with name if I know it). An Hannibal Lecter-like behavior. I don't find the willpower to delete those pictures, even being committed to quit PM. I suspect this is some kind of scalation (I 've scalated before to shemale porn, then POV incest videos, now I find shemale porn disgusting, but still attracted to incest and found shemale replacement in futanari). I don't remember doing M with those photos, it's more the reward of taking them. I won't share them with anyone. They are only mine.
    Does anyone else experienced something like this? I'm worried how far scalation may take me if I don't quit P.
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  2. Raphael Pereira

    Raphael Pereira Fapstronaut

    I used to do this often when i was younger.
    Maybe, this behavior can be replaced by a real relationship with wamen.
  3. Morty From Rick And Morty

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    Seems like some sort of power high, you should delete those photos, your future self will thank you.
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  4. rustyengine

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    Hahahaha I have real relationships with women! It has nothing to do with that :emoji_laughing: Its like say 'I used to watch porn when younger, maybe you should replace it with real relationship with wamen'. Written communication is imperfect. Your comment sounds like "that's because you are a loser". Is that what you mean? If so, it seems like internet will never change :emoji_smile:
  5. ultrafabber

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    What you're doing is called "hoarding", you can look it up. Hoarding used to refer to real life objects but now it includes anything from pictures to movies or email. Many people in nofap for example used to have a library of their favorite movies, often into hundreds of thousands.

    Ultimately you'll have to delete those pictures. It's good that you're at least not sharing them but keeping them will keep you stuck in this addiction.

    Futanari isn't a replacement to shemale, it's just animated shemale which is basically the same thing.

    As for voyeurism, all porn is voyeurism, including the pictures you're taking. Voyeurism is fundamentally about "not being seen"
  6. Mickey Donnell

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    Well, since you label it as a Hannibel Lecter like behavior, it certainly isn't something you're feeling good about. So if it's bringing you shame, there really is no room for it on your journey for a better you. Here's the basic question I've asked myself when contemplating questionable activities. Is the activity consensual? If it's not, it's just creepy at best. Would you like pics taken of you without your knowledge? Maybe if it was a hot chick, but it would more likely be a creepy guy. Lol. You should delete them if you want to be serious about improving.
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  7. phwrancesco

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    make sure you're not dangerous to other people man
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  8. So you basically take creepshots of random women and masturbate to them. I sadly have the same addiction but ive tried to stop doing it since its an invasion of privacy

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