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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Saviiii_or432, Jul 27, 2020.

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    So I’ve been addicted to porn and prostitutes for about 3-4 years heavily. But recently I’ve developed a new tactic/ thing I enjoy immensely. Seducing happy ending girls. I live in an area with a lots of Asian massage places that aren’t brothels and I like to go to the ones that don’t offer sex and convince / seduce the girls to fuck me. It turns me on since perhaps they haven’t had sex in a long time since their job is long hours and they jerk dick all day so I’m sure they don’t go home to a husband or boyfriend. I like to go to places and find the younger attractive ones in their mid to late 20s and 30s and seduce them. I’ve had no luck with girls at bars and stuff but I am young and attractive and shine in these situations. The way the whole interaction goes turns me on so much and is so much fun. I also feel like it’s not an easy task my method is just good. kicking this habit is the hardest thing on me mentally to get over. I don’t know if it’s wrong since these girls actually really enjoy the experience and try to get my number and continue our relationship afterwards. I don’t even have to pay extra for this it always feels like a legit pull! Like today I’m walking to a store and pass by a spa and I see a early 30s attractive girl smoking a cigarette in the doorway of a spa. Slim waste nice tits nice hips in decent shape just life took her to working the spas man. and the place definitely isn’t a brothel and she definitely isn’t selling her pussy on the regular. I’m totally loosing it rn!! Damn man like what if I pull up seduce her and she let’s all that Pent up enjoy on me!! I need your opinions guys.
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    Well you seem to understand that you've a problem in the way you're using these places as part of your addiction, and if it's consensual I can't argue that you're doing anything wrong in that sense, but you are using them for your own end. That's a dangerous president to set for yourself, for the way you look at women, rather than being people, just another way to get your end off and seduce like a game. You need to stop this, you need to take back control of your mind and stop acting out like that. I can't ultimately do anything to make you stop, you may deem my advice wrong, but I think you're not doing something healthy here. I don't imagine you're a bad person at all, but your sexual habits are taking over the person you really are.
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    Imo, you are still supporting your addiction, therefore you should stop
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    Thanks for the input guys. This is the hardest for me not the pmo.
  5. Maybe instead of seducing one of them for sex, you could try courting one and seeing if she will date you. Get to know her. Find out what makes her tick. Maybe actually give her the love and attention that you have only been pretending to offer. Then you will get to know one of these women instead of treating them like objects.

    Compassion will set you free.
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    perhaps if I meet the right women
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    How would you know if you ever do if you are only seeing their waist measurements, age, beauty and job title?

    out of curiosity, how many times has this actually worked? How many numbers did you get, and did you ever get to know them?

    I know what you mean about the thrill, because I used to get the same kind of thrill out of crushing the ego of such guys, and the interesting thing is you don’t realize how obvious you are to some women. Be careful who you prey upon.
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