Is your Environment successful ?

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    Oh boy! The Environment plays a hugely huge role in one's success, if your parents are well educated and have highly paid careers and you study in a private school it's all playing your favour to shape You! That successful man ( Of course there will be your work! ) - But the Environment is really really on your side!

    A Broken Home with unsuccesful parents or addicted ones - Is Hellish as Hell...

    Now let's put all of this aside, and let's discuss this topic!
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    I think my environment also played a big role in making me exposed to PMO!

    In conservative societies, we never tought what is sexual education, we never been thought anything about hormones changes during our teen years, I was happy the first time i masterbate, i was 11 years old back than, At 15 years old, I was very curious about what this sex is... Yup! I got exposed with some friends my age in the Cyber cafe, we were so happy to see that...

    Most of the sexual education ( That I thought was sexual education... -_-' ) was from Porn back than.

    I regret it and I hate it all, but what was i supposed to do when i look back ? Nobody discussdf these things, and it was the secret taboo that everybody does in secret...

    Lack of Sexual Education back than really hurted me...

    Anyways that was a my story how i got hooked for the very first time!
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    If you don't find or change your environment, i think it will be hard to quit this stuff called the new drug.

    Sharing awareness is really a great thing, in conservative societies, they refuse to discuss this... thus creating more and more Coomers and P.Addicts, I bit there will be kids of 10 - 12 years old exposed to Porn maybe even less.
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  4. The environment is important, though what you're talking about also involve time - more specifically developmental fulcrums/milestones (like puberty) and not just X number of years gone by. It's important to understand there are stages, and of course it gets more complicated when it gets derailed or healthy development never happens so one doesn't move on to the next stage of development. The same could probably be said for recovery but as far as I know that's not really looked at in much depth other than maybe a really keen psychotherapist. The 12 Steps isn't a developmental thing though ACOA might deal with that to some extent, but I'm not aware of any understanding of the long term process just the concept of an adult child and kind of parenting oneself.
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    I don't know much about how the western culture work, but in some other parts of the world. Birth Control must be put!

    Gouvernments shouldn't allow children to be born in criminal / drugs / prostitution / fucked up environment. - I think that's a crime for every children born in such environment.

    There must be some strict rules - before having babies!
    The problem is, it is also linked to dopamine...and the dopamine is the cause of most of our problems... Dopamine...Sex....> The Poor Baby pays the prices of two people having sex.
  6. Well there's that but plenty of people become psychologically dysfunctional in the West without being involved in such things. Well, I mean it would fall into the fourth category but it can be rather subtle. And if you figure in how people may have no sympathy for someone with a different background other than themselves, even though they have all been subject to some form of dysfunction .. it probably doesn't work well. I'm afraid the sad truth today, here from what I see is there are people walking around who will never even get that they have been a negative influence in others lives, whether that's in a childs developmental process or otherwise. Nevermind owning it and trying to make amends as traditional recovery suggests, I mean how's that going to work if they don't even recognize they harmed anyone? Frankly I think too many people are too dense.
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    I don’t agree. I went to a low-income school and saw plenty of people from tough situations, but some of those kids channeled their trauma into amazing achievements. Other guys I know grew up with all the right boxes checked and are complete losers. We don’t know how much of the world is destiny, environment, and genetics.

    That, and infringing on birth as a civil liberty is pretty bad in the US and Europe. People would riot. We love our rights. There has to be a better solution than mandatory birth control.

    and no, my environment was not successful. But I still graduated top of my
    class at a competitive university and got a decent job and a lovely girlfriend. I understand it’s tough and some people really struggle at the bottom but mandatory birth control is wack.
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    Eh. I grew up poor as hell, but because of my....weirdness, I was able to lift myself out of it. While I'm not wealth hungry, Mo Money, Mo Problems an all, I do have enough to live in relative comfort, so I'd say my environment taught me a few things. Like appreciation of "little things."

    Was it geared toward success? Hell no, it was geared toward joining a gang and dying by the age of 23. Luckily my home life was vastly different to the many children who are now either dead or in prison. My parents worked very hard to provide for this weird child who wanted nothing much at all and their hard work ethic passed onto me.

    Overall - I wouldn't change anything in my childhood at all.
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    Definitely what I thought about. There are tons of examples of people who gone through hell and mastered life just because of what their been through. In fact when it's harder in life that what makes it easier for them because they are more "bullet-proof" or shall I say "life-proof"?

    One example is David Goggins you probably know him already.
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  10. David Goggins is the perfect example. Love this dude.
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    My mother in law’s family survived because her mum had to be an escort just to make enough money. They all turned out successful, it just took a generation. Kids shouldn’t be killed because they were placed in situations they cannot control, and especially killed by the government or a mandate.
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    I never mentioned kids should be killed by a gouvernment or anythjng but hear me out, many cases if not the majority end up in prison, killed, part of gang or drug addicts... few could make it out, few! An thid id only in the first world countries.

    Well in the third world countries, in some places, you'll wish you've never been born, parents selling their children to: Pedophile Rings, Prostitution Rings or Being sold to Mafia that does Internal Organs traffic, What kind of fucked up environment is that...

    I said it once and i'll say it again, not all life stories are good, if yours is good or medium well, thank God for that! people didn't even had minimum requirement for a decent life to begin with.

    In the cases mentioned above it is better to not be born into hell... I wish if there was a restriction on this part.

    Mental Health issues are really really bad and might cause real harsh hard trauma, believe on this, It's better to not live a life if it starts this way.

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