Isn't "looking for the perfect video" the same as scrolling to find the perfect song to play?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by frank anderson, Jun 5, 2021.

  1. frank anderson

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    Hi, I'm pretty new to NoFap, but I've been doing a lot of research lately, and something I've become well aware of over the past few weeks is how unhealthy scrolling and scrolling when you watch porn until you find the "perfect video" is, and how it feeds into a person's addiction to novelty.

    It had never occurred to me to question this until today when I was sitting on my bed listening to music, scrolling through my playlist, searching for the perfect song to play (something I'm sure we can all relate to). Is this not essentially the same concept as what I mentioned above with porn? Another instance, for example, is looking for a movie. We don't settle for whatever the first movie recommended on Netflix is, we scroll and scroll until we find the movie that we think will entertain us the most. Another example, looking through a menu at a restaurant to find the meal that will satisfy us the most. See what I'm getting at?

    Hopefully, you all can explain to me how these are different, and why it's only unhealthy when you do it with porn. Thanks!
  2. Welcome to nofap!

    about the "perfect video" looking for perfect song is good because it calms you, looking for a the perfect meal is good because is satisfies your hunger, watching porn on the other hand is.. like many people like to call it "cheap and selfish sex", I don't have to tell you how you feel after each relapse, horrible.

    Porn is unhealthy because it's made to make you addicted, food & music on the other hand are different from culture to another, also anything in life can be unhealthy if abused and used in the wrong manner.
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  3. josedelamuerte

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    Can't say I relate to this analogy. While with music I mostly listen to stuff I already know and like, with porn I'd always check to see what's new.
  4. BlueBallsOG

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    Looking for 'the perfect video' is the same as a slot machine or gambling addiction, 'the next one will be it, I just know it'. The algorithms of these tube sites are made exactly for this purpose.
  5. Drambuie

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    Food and music do give us dopamine. But it is not at the levels of porn viewing. That is on a level of its own that is detrimental to your brain chemisty.

    Look up the ted talk your brain on porn. It gives you the science in a nice short video.
  6. Reborn16

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    I think this is called the paradox of choice. There's so many songs or items on a menu, you feel overwhelmed.

    There's also fear of missing out 'FOMO'. You skip the song half way through, thinking the next one may be better.

    Both of those theories are very interesting. But how would porn be different?

    I think it's due to the nature of porn being a substitute for sex. Your brain goes into 'procreate mode' and you're essentially pair bonding with whatever you're watching at the time.

    This becomes problematic in at least 3 ways.

    1. You're pair bonding with pixels, not people.

    2. You're often pair bonding with multiple pixelated people, making real connection with 1 person more difficult. (every new video is a new character)

    3. You may be watching fetish or taboo acts that in real life wouldn't be your thing, but you're bonding with that too.

    So in short, you'll still enjoy your music tomorrow. And you'll still enjoy lunch tomorrow, despite spending an hour looking at the menu today. But after seeing several naked people in videos, you're not as interested in a person you'd normally be attracted to.
  7. Jhonnes_Jhonnes

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    Porn is more powerful than music. But the basics are the same.

    Both are a kind of entertainment, a way to escape from reality and suppress unconfortable fellings.

    Some people are hopelessly addicted to music too. They listen to it all day long. The brain was not designed for this.

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