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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by TangoTao, Nov 25, 2019.

What % of society is living largely under the spell of propaganda and various narratives*?

  1. 90-99%

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  2. 70-80%

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  3. quite more then 50%

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  4. quite less then 50%

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  1. TangoTao

    TangoTao Fapstronaut

    QUESTION 2: IF you would reject *social, governmental, religious, military, political, economical, cultural, legal and scientific propaganda and narratives and refuse to affiliate with those who follow it - WHAT YOU WOULD BE LEFT WITH?!???????

    *note: the word "propaganda" we often use in pejorative way, but in fact it is like "soma" - a very conforming drug that gives one purpose and direction in Life - even if fictional and 'not really real' per say - it keeps us going though yet another day...
    ...other then that - it gives us sense of reality(and "solidity") and finality to otherwise perhaps unanswerable existential questions.

    Its relativity easy to keep on keeping on while distracting yourself with with more temporal, immediate "practical" issues, by which we neglect the deeper existential questions - in fact that is probably the happiest course of life one can take - not too think too much or for too long or too deeply - occupied with daily dramas of mundane nature (family quarrels and relationship problems qualifying as the no.1 'distractor' in terms of emotionally entangling class of problems by which one can get away from pondering too philosophically ) - but similar role can play various types of puzzles we engage with - such as technology , politics, not to mention pc-gaming - bullshit books and bullshit scientific papers - endless layers of concealment - as long as they are entertaining and keep us away from the more fundamental questions of human condition, death, perpetual unsolvable constant continuous turmoil of the world. However after you peal off all this onion-layers - its seems that there is not much to be left with - WHAT DO YOU THINK?
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  2. Working17

    Working17 Fapstronaut

    There would be something most substantial left but one has to know what to look for.
    If we keep looking for more of the same perhaps just in different forms and packages then nothing much
    But there is something deeper inside that is very very valuable, interesting and even exciting.
    It is the essence of what we are.
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  3. Working17

    Working17 Fapstronaut

    Lonliness and isolation are in some major part due to misunderstanding the answers to the most important and core questions.
  4. Dim Meadow

    Dim Meadow Fapstronaut

    I think you'd be left with cavemen/ hunter-gatherers.

    By that I mean you'd be left with something very primal that everyone has buried in them. Maybe you'd be left with a tribe, one you could call your own.

    But because we're human, would that tribe then begin making its own propaganda? Since it would be an echo chamber of "knowing" what propaganda is, would it start making its own propaganda about the original propaganda, thus essentially becoming like everyone else once more except more niche?
  5. lolos

    lolos Fapstronaut

    Mate you phrase your post as if it is a bad thing to be 'plugged in', to have a narrative. Every single person has a narrative, that's the way humans work. You have a narrative, that you are some deep existential thinker and everyone else is dumb and concerned with their daily dopamine hits. I half agree with you, that A LOT of people are like this, but here are two things to consider:

    -It is very useful to be aware of your own narrative and influences. You can get so wrapped up and attached to your own ideas that it is difficult to see things from a different perspective and to consider new ideas that may not align 100% with your way of thinking.

    -Just because people are 'plugged in', it doesn't mean they are all boring cunts. Maybe one of them has had an interesting experience bullriding in mexico that you can talk to them about or some shit.
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  6. TangoTao

    TangoTao Fapstronaut

    Maybe i did sound negative when i started this thread, but i really wanted to post the question,
    and one has to start somewhere. I do recognize its positive sides too, but i also recognize however the need of anyone who
    wants to live a conscientious live - to stop for a while from time to time, "unplug"and do some maintenance checks for bugs that creep in while "writting the code" - as Stephen king says(""On Writing): "only god gets it right the first time"(about importance of rewriting)
    - thanks, i don't take it personally, but as a valid point to be considered by anyone, i'm just the same thinking ape parrot with reptilian brain-stem as anyone on this forum, and i do struggle with pains and pleasures of life just like anyone else.
    - i guess we cannot do without them to certain extent on one hand, but also on the other end - they can be constraining and limiting to the individual.
    I don't say that.
    In extreme cases the mob mentality zombie makes - but once they snap out of it they are usually peoples with enough common sense at least - that's why nazi germany propaganda had to be played like broken record day and night at every second and step in people's lives, as soon as the music stops - people snap out of it - talking about bull-riding would be probably boring, until i would try it on my own skin, then that would be a whole different universe of a conversation...

    but imagine adolf hitler pronouncing that hereby from now on every pure aryan blood blond geshtapoo hitlerjugen has to do do nothing but bull-riding from morning to dusk, each day day by day, talk, study, memorize every encyclopedic fact about it, sing national anthem about bull-riding, imagine hitler himself(or charlie chaplin) riding a bull under a nazi flag... you get the picture....
    such society would have a narrative - and perhaps some fun with it - but after a while it would BE BORING,
    But then hitler would say (while dope on amphetamine) - "nope.. we keep riding people!!!!"
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  7. tangoalfaromeodelta

    tangoalfaromeodelta Fapstronaut

    We are all under the spell of propaganda and false narratives. We think we aren't - we're naturally inclined to believe that our way of thinking is correct and theirs (whoever they happens to be) is wrong. You can fight it somewhat by trying your best to listen to all points of view and keep yourself open to new ideas, but you can't stop it entirely.
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