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    Disclaimer : It is purely my personal view and not meant to offend anyone.

    Porn is not real, certainly it does not reflect how we live and have sex. Its just a faked pretended fantasy that keeps many of us addicted and slaves by watching at the same time treating and abusing or taking advantage of the girls who actually do these scenes. In short the viewers get addicted and they get lost in their life and the actually actors get lost in their life as well. So how did it all go wrong?

    No woman on this planet whole heatedly likes being filmed having sex except for few really crazy and addicted ones. Almost all the girls in the porn industry are there for earning money especially quick money. They do not get monthly or hourly or weekly salaries they get paid for each act and way they do them. If they do it in a way that catches a lot of men’s eye, the amount they get is high and if they are shy or do not produce any attractive clips, they will be out in a week. Some girls earn about 5000-8000K in a week which is a lot of money and explains why they are attracted to it. But the Porn companies do not keep a girl on average more than a three month. Its only the extremely good performers get to stay or get hired by other companies. For the remaining 95% of them the real trouble starts after 3 or 4 months. Their clips are out there, their friends and even family could see it so going back to home town and finding normal job or continuing uni study is a really challenging decision. So they end up doing any scene they get with any company and they also spend a lot of money in cosmetics, drugs , alcohol and parties and really get addicted to these and quite a number of them try to kill themselves and considerable number dies every year, the number is simply over 100 a year. 99% of the porns stars admit that they do not feel or have sensual sex in the porn scenes. They just pretend, take a lot of pain killers and other drugs to reduce feeling of pain during the scene. So the porn clips that I have been masturbating for years are NOT REAL at ALL. In fact story of these girls, the suffering they go through breaks my heart. If I simply put, these girls might have had fantasies to be model, might have liked or been addicted to sex at some point or desired to be popular and earn a lot of money in a short time. But the reality is its only their first few months that keeps them rocked after that it’s the guilt, addiction, living away from any relatives and family all of these make them more and more depressed.

    How many of us like to leave the family, friends and relatives and move to an unknown place and be abused by a lot of people whom you do not know who they really are. Im confident, most of us wont do that. But that’s the risk these porn girls are taking.

    It makes me a real evil to contribute to this industry by watching porn. Every time we visit a porn web site or play clip, a lot of money being earned by advertising.

    This is what hit me that would I do this if the girl on the scene is my sister, or close relative. The girl on the scene is someone’s daughter, sister, wife, girlfriend.

    The only reason they are doing this is that they are lost in the path in their life. We should help them not destroy them even more by watching porn and contributing money hungry companies interest.

    It does not matter who that is or where they were born, they should be respected and treated properly.

    Almost all the girls in the industry start regretting what they do within a few weeks or months but it is too late for most of them as they are already in the trap.

    There are prostitutes in almost all the countries in the world, they are doing it with their willingness as there find no other way to earn money. But they too are lost and there is a better way for them to live but the whole situation is very difficult for them to get out. But prostitutes are not filmed when they do the act even though they too are abused by their clients. But the porn stars, suffer much more than prostitutes most of the time.

    So knowing all of these, I really felt bad to continue watching porn and thats why im on this challenge.

    In my real life, I always treat and think women as equal to men. I never discriminate or treat them differently. They are not slaves or subordinate to men and certainly they are not here to please and make men cum as shown in porn movies.

    There are many cultures and people may not agree with this but the proof is in the nature. Just watch how animals live and one would understand how we as human with a ability to think got many things wrong than animals. So long story short, I love sex, a sensual caring sex with a real woman and I did not want this fantasy to be ruining my whole life with a lot of guilt, low self esteem, tiredness, and all in all shit life. It is my personal view and hope most of you would agree. And that’s why im on this challenge.

    By being on NoFap, there are a lot of benefits, I have realised some of these already but continuing the challenge to fully realise them.

    1. Increased energy and drive.

    2. You have more time to do awesome things with your life.

    3. Decrease in social anxiety, increased confidence and self-esteem.

    4. Increased focus and concentration.

    5. Increase in willpower.

    6. Sense of achievement.

    7. Increased Testosterone.

    8. You finally get to stop lying.

    9. You understand what it means to be in control.

    10. Things seem possible again.

    11. Quick Mind

    12. Feeling much more calm and centered

    13. Huge boost in confidence and determination

    14. Increased clarity of mind and relief from brain fog

    15. Increased concentration and ability to focus

    16. Improved decision-making skills

    17. Improved memory

    18. Mood becomes more stable

    19. Increased determination, energy and productivity

    20. Increased quality of sleep
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    I loved the part about no longer lying, showing your true self.

    Stay clean
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    Don't think anyone could have said better.

    Keep it up!
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  5. great post! I would also add that a huge number of women in that 'industry' come from abused homes- there's a little girl crying inside those broken souls- a mary Magdalene waiting to blossom ....
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