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    Yes, we all got that feeling, anxiety, sexual tension inside that we beg the world to be taken away because it is getting harder and harder to not relapse, now that we all have that "whats app" groups sharing pornography or insane chick bodies with no clothes at all.
    I know how you feel bro, but let me tell you that is more satisfying winning to that instead of just fapping and send everything to the trash and having to start again. I've lost the count since day 16, the only thing that I know is that I have not fapped for over a month.

    The first time I started I just reached 7 days, all because the girl I was seeing for only having sex just texted me and I told her to come by. Yes, the sex was great but once I finished I couldn't stop feeling that voice in my head telling me "feeling good? No, right? Yes, that's because this sex season to you was the equivalent to fap, you just wanted to kill anxiety, you didn't want to have sex because you love her".
    If you want to have sex in the +30 days of NoFap to truly rehab yourself, do it for love not for needing, not to kill that burning fire of desire for an orgasm, do it because you love that person next to you and you enjoy her company.

    I used to date a girl for over a year, only to have sex. The first 3 months were great, new places, positions, etc. But after that the only thing I could do once I finished was to blame myself foro being there, because I really didn't want it or need it. Believe me when I tell you that reach that orgasm with sex or fapping caused me the exact same satisfaction, where was the advantage of fapping? Time, money and not having to pretend to the other person.

    One thing that really helped me out to pass the days and motivate me to continue this was to look at myself on a mirror and talk to me, tell myself compliments, convice me that all women love me, that I'm magnetic to them. I can ensure you that I feel no more fear of look at the eyes of a cute woman and just stay looking at them, without taking my eyes out of her's. If I talk to a girl that I like, I'm calmed, I feel secure, I know she likes me, so there's no need to be nervious or thinking some intelligent sentence to make her laugh, I know that she likes to be with me, she enjoys my company, she laughes of everything I say.

    You can do it man, you are going to grow up inside, improve yourself, feeling good about you, and the most important thing, you are going to learn how to love you, the only and most important relationship of your entire life, you & you.
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    Great post, brother.
  3. I know it is hard but i got this!!
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