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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Inspire360, Jun 13, 2017.

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    Being a heavy PMO and depressed user idecided to throw my life around in a more action oriented way.
    SO , i tried and failed many times. Even without realising or knowing what i was doing was good / wrong , i still always even today only on a different level push myself towards gr8er succes.

    In the beggining i failed after only of two days of succes.
    Later i managed to do a 30 days run without ejaculating, slowly i began to procces what happend to me and integrated this new information into my software.
    Gradually i didnt give a fuck (excuse my harsh language) about fake sex.
    I understood /intellectually) where it was coming from, so every time i jacked of felt les rewarding and more like i was cheating on my own self.
    SO one day i just didnt look to porn... The next days continued i would still occasionaly have the thought pop up, but never did i really go deep into porn .
    I have been 60+ days clean with only one time of a rebound effect (which is fine with me as long as u know what it is your doing).
    The most noticable thing i want to share is this. Understand WHY it is you are doing and then you will gradually lose intrest in porn because its so fake..
    Goodluck and happy living.
  2. jack1234

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    This really made me think. Nice way of putting it.
  3. TheFutureMe

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    A fantastically efficient move if you ask me :)

    Good effort @Inspire360, I wish you the best for the months to come, and hope that your path will shed light on so many other facets of our common issue. All the best!
  4. This is the best line ever I've read.
    Inspiring bud.
    Bless you.
  5. IamRick

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    Couldn't agree more on the strong why, most of us get really far in NoFap & just...forget why we started. Remembering where you were helps you appreciate where you are I believe.
  6. snowwolf0111

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    Dude ! This is inspiring ! Thanks ! :)

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