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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Wazzai, Dec 8, 2017.

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    So I acquired a sissy fetish some time ago and it bothered me.

    After this I started going after the reverse sissy things.

    These actually tell you that you are a strong independent alpha male who can do whatever the hell he wants and only seeks approval from himself.

    This is just one hypno addiction for another -this is completely clear to me-

    But the thing is, I don't seem to want to watch them as much. I watch them then bust one then I go about the rest of my day without much of a problem as apposed to watching something else and feeling bad.

    Like the title said it made the entire endeavor seem really pointless. Not just the sissy hypno, but the other hypno and porn all together.

    If I only need my own approval and will never apologize for being me, then what is porn for?

    This seems to be twisted way to stop porn use by using porn.

    Only seems tho. It still has the objectifying effect. Additionally it makes one a bit of an asshole if you do not check yourself.
  2. I've thought about doing this to rid myself of my sissy porn addiction. I'm honestly just feeling lost and I'm thinking about going to see a therapist, but I don't know. Would you recommend watching these reverse hypnos?
  3. Wazzai

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    I wouldn't recommend therapy.

    I don't really know about recommending them.

    They had a good(ish) effect on me.

    As a newbie what I would recommend to you would be Elliot hulse. His channel is dead, but he has great advice.

    I would recommend you learn how to breathe into your balls(he speaks about it).

    Learn what masculine and feminine energy is(also on his channel). This really clears up a lot around sissy porn.

    Lastly learn about the western people's take on celibacy. They call it bramacharya.

    And you don't need the reverse hypnos for what they teach. They just tell you to be happy with who you are and that nobody can tell you otherwise. You can get that on your own. It's kinda why it made it seem pointless.

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