It might be the rejection i get from women is the cause of my problem

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by GGa, Jun 10, 2020.

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    I don't know what to do anymore, tried everything to stop this habit but it's outta control, i guess the main reason for this to happen to me is the rejection i got from women thousands of times, my intention was to get to know to a girl for marriage and not for fucking around, and got turned down each time, and when i get that feeling of sadness and self blame i go to porn thinking that this is the only way for me to release my sexual desire and it's wrong i know !!!.... i fight it most of the time but i end up losing always, i'm 28 and very athletic i don't smoke nor drink i eat healthy food i keep track of my health and that's why i always have a strong energy and a strong sexual desire that never goes away, i want to be with a woman so i can have a healthier sex life and not watching some people having sex while i masturbate in my solitude.. that ain't right
    I will never stop trying to end this suffering of mine, being with a woman that is not legally my wife might cause me problems with my conservative family, and nor i want to do it anyways, i wanna find that one woman that i'm looking for and not go around trying women like they're pair of shoes, so i guess to me thats why most guys drift to porn cause girls are giving them hard times to try to get to know them and say no to them all the time, i mean what do you expect them to do with all that sexual energy and desire thats within them if not to let it out naturally with another woman, of course they will masturbate or else they'll rape someone or do some crazy shit, so the cause of all this is the women if only they make it easier for guys to marry them and not make it look impossible and i'm not talking about being with a girl outside of marriage, if you're okay with your mother or sister being with guys outside marriage then that's your fucking problem, cause animals do that and that it ain't me, i hope this helps someone as much as i need it to help me
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    Thought about not dating until you recover from your porn addiction?
    Every marriage started with casual sex in the beginning. If you just focus from the start in the relationship that will make the woman feel that she is going to lose her freedom if she date you and she will run away from you.
    They only way to find a woman like that is to date a lot of woman, have fun with them and pick the one that best suit you. Using your analogy, if you want a pair of shoes, you are goint to try out a lot of them until you settle for a single pair. That's the best way to pick the right one for you.
    Man that know a little bit about how attraction works, will never waste time in a woman that makes it hard to date. A girl that is attracted to you is going to make it easy for you to date her and eventually have sex.
    They can use that sexual energy to improve themself as a man and that will make them more attractive to woman and eventually they are going to have more sex.
    Again, woman will make it easier for the man they are attracted to. Work on yourself and be the man they want. That is going to make you get more woman, don't spect to get woman without any effort of your part.
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    I think a few of us can relate to what you left. We want someone to make us feel love. I think that's why we even watch porn, it's not because we want to have sex. But because we want to feel love and to love someone else. For me, I think that one way to make the anger of rejection your ally is to think that rejection is just like a bug in your life. All software has bugs, big or small. But it is how devs remove the bugs from the software. You need to analyse why that person would reject you. Look at it as your own detective case. Sometimes woman don't like men rushing, sometimes they do. You should look at them carefully, and try to make a pattern.

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