It seems that video gaming is a pit where you throw your money and time into a fire

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  1. Once upon a time when the first Playstation came out everyone was excited about the graphics. Then the next Playstation came out, then the next, and so on. Now we have the PS5 with native 4K resolution and now you can play the games you could already play in standard definition on the PS2/3 in 4K. Amazing right? You can spend 5000 hours in a video games rather than the real world. You get older and you've achieved nothing in those 5000 hours. Then the next Playstation comes out. Ooo new graphics! The older graphics sucked, and this is way better now. Yawn. And on a side note movies nowadays don't make you think anymore. It's just the same thing over and over again: violence, sex, drugs, repeat. What is culture anymore these days? Tik Tok? Don't make me laugh.
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  2. Mr.Tony

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    Technically Speaking you're right... It's a waste money and time, especially if it became a daily habit without control.
  3. CodeTalker

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    Games aren't just violence sex and drugs. By the way sex is more taboo than ever in gaming. Some game are dumb, some make you think.
    Some are literally piece of art and I think playing a game isn't worse than watching a movie or reading a book. At the end of the day it's a distraction. It can become a problem if you do that too much but personally gaming really helped me in dark times.
    If you are against gaming then you are against any form of distraction.
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  4. I can criticise something without being against it. I am a gamer too you know. Distraction - sure but I think it's a void. A movie leaves you feeling happy and you can talk about it in conversations. Reading a book makes you gain knowledge. Playing games just leaves you with a feeling of wanting to play more games. And the games that someone plays are forgotten after a year or so.
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  5. I don't feel watching movies, series and even listening current songs anymore, but I like playing video games.
    It's in moderation. It's not like an addiction to me. I can stop it whenever I want.
  6. Daniel Plainview

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    Videogames are designed to be hyper-stimulating (or at least a lot are) so in that regard they are closer to PMO than they are to books, films, or shows. A good book/show/film will drip-feed the gratification over a period of time and reward active engagement, while a game will more often than not offer many instances of instant gratification strung together with occasional lapses into soul-destroying tedium once they already have you hooked.

    Personally, my problem is that I don't agree games are art - to me they don't offer the same fulfillment full stop as other media. They are essentially complex toys, but toys all the same. If they are art, for the sake of argument, then they are a lesser form of art, in the same way that a cheeseburger is a lesser form of meal than a well-prepared steak. I see people raving about the stories in videogames, and almost every single time the story is just lifted from book I read or movie, and done nowhere near as well. Meanwhile gameplay has become so homogenized that unless you are willing to go prospecting for indie games and hopefully strike gold, everything plays so similarly to everything else that it borders on redundancy.

    Obviously do what you want. I still play videogames a fair bit despite all I said. But if you feel like you are wasting time and money on them, you probably are.
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    I like old ps2 games, simple and funny and...complete. Today 99% of games have no hearts, this because capitalists want the maximum income with the less effort. And the new scam tactic used by software house and their leaders is empty game that will receive uptdates. So you pay them the entire price for an unfinished game. And if the game is online the scam is greater than before, just watch, you buy the incomplete game, and then you pay more money for the season pass and other stuff like dress, weapons or double income. EA is the worst actually, but thereis plenty, just watch, promises, promises and promises, then we have Anthem that was presented like if it was the revolution of the gaming industry collapsed in just 1 years. Battlefield 2042 is the greatest scam of the universe and i am sad for those who spend money on it.

    And what about the Xbox game pass? Litteraly engorge all these game..i don't like that much these kind of ''netflixization'', i don't like Netflix neither, it destroyed the retail market, where I live i can't find a damn dvd, before i could go on a market and find some, now 0. The problem with netflix, that you don't actually own these movies and tv shows but you just rent them, and when you stop to pay you lose it. With retail you have it till you die. I hate also that other scam of unique copy of games. Before i could buy a game and lend it to friends, now i can't, that sucks.
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  8. CodeTalker

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    Some game can give you a feeling of accomplishments, some make you sad or happy. I usually feel a lot more emotions in a game than in a movie because I'm much more immersed, I'm the one making the story progress, if I do nothing, nothing happen. But I guess it's different for everyone.
    Also books doesn't necessary give you knowledge, some books are really dull and bad. People always say "reading book is great" but it's like everything, you have a lot of trash, especially in books because it's easier to write one than direct a movie or make a game.
  9. CodeTalker

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    100% agree. Modern game are looking better and better but those predatory tactics ruin everything. Thankfully some game arent like that but it's getting rare. PS2 Era games are also my favorite, especially jrpg, because the team being those games aren't small but clearly driven by passion.
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  10. Fantasia

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    And you will play a game guaranteed that the game is complete, even if the game sucks. PS2 still has tons of games, just some days ago i discovered this strange game called ''Myst exiles III'' (It's like a game where you have to complete hard puzzle games, but was really well made), i didn't bought it but honestly i think it would run very well on my still working Fat PS2.
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  11. GigglingTrout

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    I think this number is too high. There's quite a few indie developers (and even bigger companies, like Larian Studios for example) that do create something with a lot of heart/soul poured into it. And aren't just shallow money-grabbing schemes
    Not everything is like EA and the vast majority of mobile games
  12. Coub

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    I don't think it's accurate. Do you suggest that, for example fantasy books, are not designed to make reader enjoy the story, to make him stick to the book? Why we have catching cover of book? Every book writer dreaming of being mainstream, popular, well paid author, has to write books in easy to understand, catching your eye, way.

    We have to distinguish singleplayer and multiplayer games. You can't compare multiplayer to any: book, movie or series. Those are just different things. We, men, all want to be best within our surroundings, it's in our nature, kind of. Once competitiveness hit then you start to treat this seriously, "he beat me? Just give me one more game and I'll show him how to play." It's a whole different game... and the only thing that can addict you in gaming, I believe - to be the best.

    I think the true diffrence is that there's more books which are not created to be popular compared to games. By that I mean: textbooks, logs, etc. I love indie games, studios that want to success but because of limited budget, they focus on story for example. My last favourite is

    I believe Games are more enjoyable for majority of people. We have "power" to control, WE do things, we face challenges, instead of just watching/reading.

    But we can't forget about bookworms or people who watch Netflix all day long.
  13. Daniel Plainview

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    I think you are conflating something being engaging with something being hyper-stimulating. A book by definition cannot be hyper-stimulating because it is just words on a page. You have to work harder to gain satisfaction or meaning from it. A lot of videogames are just dopamine traps designed to offer quick rewards.

    I know all this for a fact because I'm actually degree-educated in software development, I can tell you that these videogame companies hire professional psychologists to make their games more addictive and to increase player retainment over time. When it comes to big AAA games at least, it's all a long-con to try to get you hooked. Believe me, I know - I've spoken face to face with people who openly admit this is the best way to make people like your game. I've been in lectures where people have spoken at length about this topic. I believe videogames to be potentially addictive and even dangerous not because I'm a grumpy old man who would rather people read novels, but because I was taught all the tricks the developers use. I recommend you look up what a "skinner box" is and think how it applies to modern gaming.

    You're right with regards to indie games. Many of those are not as insidious. But I still do caution those who say they have no problem with gaming to consider that is the exact same thing many of us said about PMO before we woke up and realized what that was doing to us. At the very least, diversify your interests.
  14. 7matrix

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    Culture seems to be getting that 15 mine of fame and turning it into a million dollars
  15. CommonUser

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    Dude you never had friends in school? All we did was talk about video games. Even now as an adult, we still do it. You are seeing videogames as something inferior or harmful compared to other ways of entertainment, they aren't.

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