It was all going well until bloody Babestation!!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by BasketCase, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. BasketCase

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    Something in my mind every night goes: "Hmm... I wonder if the girl on Babestation tonight will be super fit?... Oh she is? This doesn't count as porn, right?" But I know it does. I've even relapsed from this, a few times actually. Anyone relate or know how to stop this compulsion?
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  2. Jimb0

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    You need to set some goals for yourself. Any kind of fap material may lead to relapse. So maybe your goal should be not to look at any babes on the internet even if it may seem harmless. These things can trigger a relapse. If you're serious about breaking the addiction get rid of the triggers. Don't cheat yourself.
  3. BasketCase

    BasketCase Fapstronaut

    Thank you. The program I'm referring to is on telly, so I may have to unplug it before 10pm or something. Thanks for the advice
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  4. Meditation Monk

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    I suggest that every time your triggers come along, develop a stress relief syndrome for your "urges" lol. Do something else like going for walks outside, hiking, cycling or attending group discussions such as AA meetings or SAA that sort of thing. I have my own stress relief method that I use to CUT OUT the triggers for my urges. Or as I like to diagnose my symptoms, sith urges.
  5. BasketCase

    BasketCase Fapstronaut

    This is really good advice, and I actually intend to start a journal where I write about what I did with my time that I'd usually spend wanking or watching porn. I mean, PMOing. Thanks mate
  6. SimonL66

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    Hello basketcase, you have to stop the trigger happening, that's the only way and it is arguably easier to stop the trigger than to resist the urge once the trigger has occurred. So find a way of barring yourself from 'checking Babestation' i.e. setup a reasonable hurdle to overcome before you can access it - e.g. a non-memorable password that you would have to look up. That will make you think twice before accessing. There is a way, you know there is, so just do it.
    I so relate to this. My main trigger was certain images stored on my laptop hard disk. I have slowly deleted all of them - each time i have a relapse, i deleted the image that started it. Babestation i barred myself from by password protecting the access (and I've even forgotten now where to look for the password - good !). You've got to be ruthless I'm afraid otherwise relapses are just bound to happen.
    Good luck
  7. Meditation Monk

    Meditation Monk Fapstronaut

    You're welcome buddy. Have a good evening.
  8. Thulesko

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    I actually almost searched for Babe station but then i was like naahh man that’s probably a bad idea
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  9. That's a rationalisation. In other words it's a stupid thought that your brain automatically invents to encourage you to go back to PMO. That's all it is. But that's where you stop things. You recognise the thought for what it is, realise that it's bullshit, and you do something else. Good luck.
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  10. BasketCase

    BasketCase Fapstronaut

    I wouldn't, mate. Mine's on the telly, dunno if you have it on telly in the Philippines but it's a blessing and a curse...
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  11. Yeah, don't.

    You're half right...
  12. Babestation, yeah? That brings me back. I had no idea it was still going.
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