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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by bill5437, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. bill5437

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    Before nofap I could not climax during sex. It always felt like I needed more. I needed P to get over the falls.

    No more. After 85 days, sex has never been better.

    Stick to the plan. It works and you can do it.
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  2. TheFutureMe

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    Congrats on your goal nearly accomplished!

    You have no idea I much I'd love to know more about what you're saying, since that's been the issue (no climax during sex, 1% of the time maybe less) that got me researching this stuff first, years and years ago (and not admitting the truth).

    You're resetting for P only, that means you're having sex with your partner during the reboot, and can already see the difference? That's outstanding!
    Have you been able to feel your mindset evolving besides the physical sensations? I remember you talked about a strong dose of shame in previous posts - how's that today?

    Sorry for the burst of questions, hope you don't mind. You got me inspired. :)
  3. bill5437

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    Happy to share.

    So I went no pmo for the first 2 weeks. Then I did no p or m for the first 2 months. Then slowly I reintroduce m but not nearly so much.

    I still have urges but porn really creates a fog in your brain and it took me out of the moment when having sex. I was always fantasizing about images I'd seen but wishing they were present.

    With a depletion of stimuli I slowly got back in to the moment and not Ming all the time made sex more intense.

    If you're constantly saturated with sex it makes it hard for sex to be heightened.
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  4. John Nixon

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    Nice Bill. Are you going to update your goal when you reach your 90 days of No Porn/Porn Subs? You'll pass it buddy, you are really close to 90 days, well done. Since I quit porn I have no regrets, it's early days and I haven't experienced the flatline that it is seems everyone eventually has. I used to binge watch porn but there were weeks or months i'd not watch it at all so I hope my flatline won't be a problem. My goal of 555 days is there as a reminder of this being a long term commitment. I plan to never watch porn again.
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