It's a life time struggle guys!

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  1. "Rebooting is really a lifelong struggle. It does not mean that you will be successful if you quit for 3 years and 5 years. If you quit for 3 years and 5 years, you can only say that your consciousness has been very high, and your thoughts have reached a very high level realm. However, there is still the possibility of breaking the precepts, even if you reboot for 10 years, you still have the possibility of breaking the precepts! As long as your mind is relax, as long as your vigilance and consciousness are temporarily relax, you may break the precepts. Why? Because we have lusts in our bodies. Seed, no matter how you quit or how long you quit, you are still a mortal, you cannot remove the seed of lust in your body. Since the seed is still there, once the outer condition comes, it will sprout. Therefore, rebooting is a lifetime matter. At all times and everywhere, you must take care of your thoughts."

    No matter how long we vigil, we cannot relax our vigilance unless you have truly reached the realm of a saint. The seed of lust is in our field of Eight Consciousnesses. Sometimes it turns the seed by oneself, and sometimes it becomes active immediately when it encounters an outside world. The seeds of lust are expressed through the activity of thoughts, so to watch your own thoughts and firmly control your thoughts is the key to keeping the city of rebooting! Thoughts lead to behavior. Controlling thoughts can stop the occurrence of masturbation. It is better to break your hands than to break your heart. The key is to control your heart and learn to dominate your own heart!

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