It's actually flatline?

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    I'm on day 29 in my NoFap journey. That's my longest streak so far. But from last week I have low energy level, my confidence is running down, I have no motivation to do anything and I feel extremely beta male. My voice is ridicoulusly high, and I sound like a child... Is it a withdrawal symptoms? Ive never came so far in this NoFap thing so I'm curious. How long I will be feeling like this and does the benefits will come back to me after "restart" of my brain? First 2 weeks was awesome, I felt like a god, and now from day to day I'm getting closer to relapse because of this.
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    In my opinion and experience you have to go through these difficult times my friend; you're just paying a price that has to be paid. Personally sometimes I feel very sad, lonely and I can cry for hours, but have hope it will pass and you will be a stronger person through it. Just be ready for a few bouts, sometimes lasting for weeks, sometimes just for hours. Don't give up.
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