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    Hello everybody, here i'll go down on some real deep arguments and make them short just saying what is really needed. No, it is not a motivational post to help you stop fapping or even talking about my nofap experience too much. Yes, i strongly believe this can be interesting and help you in other ways if that's what you're looking for. NO, even though i'm Christian this is absolutely not a christian post

    How do we decide how important something we do is? Is it about how many emotions that thing stimulates us? Is it about how that thing is socially considered: finding a girlfriend for example is something that could be considered as a goal for the most. Maybe it's important if it's relied with money or with fame in some way or maybe it's just health and feeling well.
    Every day most of us (if not all) follow a certain idea that they have in mind or just go on with a routine that they could've both set for themselves or that was obbligated like school or work. Have you ever said to yourself: Damn it's a month that i keep doing the same thing every week, every 2 weeks, the same routine every 2/3 days;

    Mon i go to school then gym, Tue i go to school and then study, Wed I go to school then do handball, Thu I go to school and sometimes hang out, Fri I go to school then gym or I hang out with friends, Sat I chill or go to the gym and then usually go out at night, Sun i chill with my family and do my activities.
    How does it feel understanding that you already know what is going to happen next week and the week after and so on? I feel scared and tired. It's like you have a base on which you are going to add little "or-s" to make it more tasteful. Then out of nowere someone gets ill and finally you have a change in your routine. Now let's make it global, every year you (and I) have months were we work, months were we chill and already exactly know the prefixated times at which we'll go on holidays or were we usually get an illness. Now let's go even further, you already know what school or what workplace you will go to or cover 3/4 years before that thing happens and already know that in 50/60/70/100 years you'll pass out. Some people say it's important to leave something behind you for the ones to come. Others say it's important to create something for your generation and take advantage of it. Even others say that it doesn't matter what you do because in the end it all comes down to who you are and what you feel and no a son won't extend your life to the next generations because after you die, you WON'T feel or see anything anymore; people can remember us or we can live in school books forever but that is literally just a life long satisfaction. So are this things, good for the "society", going to make you feel that good that your life could be considered to be complete? Complete for what? Complete in what? I mean, your life is complete, cool...

    and then? We just die as nothing as happened and the time goes by and noone ever considers the fact that we are useless in our creation. Yes, we are useless. Until maybe we find something that makes us unuseless (is this english?). Perhaps finding that would mean sacrificing years and years of research and could lead to nothing. Unironically our reason of living is finding a reason for living, resulting in the fact that we're useless until something proves us wrong. How does this connect to routines?
    You're living your life hanged to a schedule where literally the only thing that matters is feeling good, because until there is life after death, and we don't reincarnate or something, and keep all our efforts, or just a part of them, we are u s e l e s s. Platone would've considered this as the uncontraddictable meaning of life after death, no it's just the meaning that we're fragile, ephemeral. CONTRADICT ME, if anything comes to your mind please

    Now that we have understood that both if i'm right or wrong our life is still our short term (expiring) journey, what can we do? Nofap is a great thing to start, it's short, it's easy and it's going to open up doors which elseway would be incastonated in the walls. Then we can start exercising phisically and make our life as long as possible (because since the decay of a major goal this is our best option, i guess) and also be happily eating: I've known more men that live a good life eating good tasting (not mcdonalds come on) foods here and there than men doing so dieting for the "body of my dreams"(don't blame me now for this thing i said, be smart and do not eat garbage every day, just find less garbishis foods which taste better). Stop playing videogames intensly or try to reduce them, i strongly believe reading broadens the limits of your mind way more. I've given some advice but let's get back to a point which I REALLY believe needs to be opened:
    Do we need it? I mean, we surely are wrong about explaining reasons because there is no way we can get them right, and even admitting a good guess, no real certainty could be given because we built our logic on our thoughts and could be all completely wrong. We are NOT waisting time looking for reasons, because as I said before, that is our only meaning right now and I believe it's truly a nice thing to study but I believe it's wrong to live on someone's guess.

    So, live long and BE HAPPY; not a lot mattes do you see? So CHILL because you're not doing anything "wrongly" just not in a desirable way by somebody else, and I believe there always is room for improvement. Do not change or put masks on because you would live a life which is extremely valuable in the pans of something you are not. Hope I put out a good piece of text, I'm not really good at writing so if you have questions write below, same things with thoughts. Bye bye and live in the most HAPPY way you can
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