It's an addiction if you can't stop

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by wanderthesword, Sep 19, 2019.

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    Just wanted to talk about PMO for a minute. PMO is an addiction, specifically it's an addiction that i have. I can't stop doing it and in a way it rules over me, but not these past few days. For these past few days I have had real control over it, perhaps now is the time I will finally be able to beat this addiction. I am 25.

    They say people can get addicted to opium or crack, but what got me was something as simple as PMO. There is so much ignorance on the internet about PMO and being addicted to it. No one sees it as a problem, but it definitely is a problem that especially affects youth and their development.

    I hope like other addicts I haven't done too much damage to my brain by doing so, I hope there's an organic reset switch on this.

    What keeps me going is buddhist dharms, it teaches purity, to become one with everything you must leave selfish persuits of lust behind to become really fulfilled with life and the universe. I practice this, and everyday I will become purer.

    Wish me luck
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    The first couple weeks will be easier because T levels have to amp back up. Keep that in mind. After that you will have to work to fight urges big time. You will wake up hard and want to pmo.. during the day if you see some thottie in tight pants you might get a trigger. You will have to work hard not to keep the gaze. Cold showers are your friend. Walks help. Meditation is something I've been doing to help rebuild the dopamine in a positive way. Good luck. I have no idea your history but it gets real difficult after 90 days. My best was 96 days.. imagine how crappy I felt when I busted 4 days before 100. Now I'm almost a month again. It's a journey for sure. I always have my guard up.

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