It's bad to say this but PMO is comforting?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by skaterdrew, Jan 3, 2020.

  1. skaterdrew

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    I'm hungover the now, I don't feel well. I fell unwell psychically because of the alcohol yesterday, and I feel low in mood.

    I mentioned in another post how I MOed, but I didn't PMO.

    But I don't even feel horny at the moment, and I feel like I really want to flick about loads of different porn and artificial sexual stimulation on the computer while edging. That seems very appealing to me right now. I do think it seems like it is a comforting thing to do that while I don't feel good?

    I'm fighting the urges I am getting to do it. But that is exactly how I feel at this present moment.
  2. JestfulPotion57115

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    Cold shower my friend, you need to wash away those urges and fill your belly with food. Be careful with alcohol, a lot of rebooters tend to cut down on that as it reduces willpower
  3. Invictvs

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    Yeah hangover days are particularly nasty. Your brain is squished....and needs a dopamine release even more than a normal day! Alcohol also inhibits your frontal cortex's ability to say no. If you have to have a drink like I do....then arrange to go out with friends and crash at their place. Don't rely on willpower on hangover days... rely on something else to keep you away from a risky situation because that's what it is. Hangovers are hugely risky, so if you think you just have to have one for whatever reason....protect yourself from the potential for relapse before hand.

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