It's been 16 month now

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by SoPa, Nov 15, 2018.

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    Hey all!

    Yes that is correct, it is already more that 16 month that I haven't watched porn, naked photos of other women, etc.

    What I can say is I have changed a lot. I put all my energy in reading and studying new things. A ton of personal development and mental growth.

    I am so eager to learn new things every day. The more I read and know, the more I know I don't know that much :)

    Meanwhile I had a girlfriend and it didn't last long. After that it seems I have to go back to porn, but, i decided to not to go that way at any cost. I got over this separation with ease and less frustration. My hobby of reading helped me a lot.

    Nowadays I feel very confident and have patient and energy to do things that I like to do. Things that I would get fatigue in no time when I was watching porn back then. I don't get angry or upset when something is not working, instead, I take my time, think about situation and then turn it into a challenge.

    I had a job interview. Before I was getting upset when I was getting rejected, but now, I take it as something that I should learn from and improve myself. I have a good job now. I learned how to manage my income and save some for my goals and projects in the future.

    All I want to say is that if you are on NoFap, and you have this urge to watch a porn, grab a book, watch a video from Earl Nightingale, Jim Ron, or Napoleon Hill. You will manage to find your purpose in your life and how to become strong like me.

    PS., if you would like to have a friend to talk to, send me a pm.

    PSS. so benefits that I gained:
    • became thankful of what I have in my life
    • laugh from inside my heart out of nowhere because of I am in a good journey in my life
    • have confident to talk to people and women
    • looking into men and women eyes with extreme confidence
    • have goals in my life and looking forward to achieve them
    • staying away from time wasters and people that are proud of their sex talks
    • skipping parts of videos or stories that has sexual meaning and spotting them, and not letting them get into my brain (it is tempting to get back to porn if I am not careful)
    • thinking sharper and better
    Although I am alone now, I have started to look for a lady in my life. And I like the feeling for this. It is hard to find such person, but I know she is somewhere and I should find her.

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  2. control your life

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    congrats on this huge streak ,i think this perception of problems is great. I wish some day im there too,keep going !!
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    That's amazing.

  5. YoungBaller23

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    Huge congratulations on 16 months! Go out there and socialize and be confident in yourself you definitely deserve someone good in your life
  6. _Owais_

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    So the truth is u have found the light at the end of the tunnel...Congrats man 16 months is awesome
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    Amazing story ! Well done
  8. MuscularSherlockHolmes

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    Wow man.... Impressive... I am on seventh month hardmode and I can appreciate the effort you are putting in. Good luck for future.
  9. countitjoy5

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    It helps to see how you responded rejection and discouragement
  10. I liked it. Very interesting to know you made it. I would be grareful to you if i get your support. Pls help me in quitting
  11. Hros

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    Great post. Congrats on your huge success!
  12. Patillitas

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    It's really nice read this kind of posts and realized how similar are our goals. And think, if they could reach them goals, why I not? Of course I can also do it. I only need more commitment and strength.
    Congrats brother and thansk for sharing.
  13. Hank Pym

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    Enjoy life! Be a real living being in the real universe! Learning new things are the best!
  14. Wow that’s great. You’re an inspiration. We are proud of you
  15. threeflags

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    Three days seem to be so long...
  16. JaimeFerrer21

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    Amazing Story bro

    I'm starting today in this challenge. You have inspired me.
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  18. Powerous

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    Keep killing it!
  19. Asgardian36

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    Thank you for making this port, man! its very helpful! I hope you find the lady you are looking for!!! Godspeed!
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    Awesome story, you have done a good job.

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