Its been 3 months again since i last maturbated and now...

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by mbanonymous, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. mbanonymous

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    Its been 3 months again since i last masturated and now i am again starting to have very strong urges to get my load off.

    When i watch TV-shows, even the remotely related things are make me drift to sexual fantasies and before my conscious can trigger me to do the right thing (i.e. stop thinking about sexual stuffs) i already have a hard on, and these days i am feeling normal erections i guess.. i say normal cause when i get hard erections these days my dick don't hurt. But everytime i get drifted in such fantasies and everytime i hold back and avoid myself from masturbating, my heartbeat raises and i feel a very minor weakness and when i take a nap for 20mins - everything gets back to normal, until i come across anything that has remotely pretty looking women in it, picture, video, anything..

    i just feel this very strong urge that masturbating just once and getting the load off might clear my mind, which it did when i previously masturbated after my reboot, but at that time i felt a bit weak for a few hrs after i masturbated and my biggest worry this time is it might cause some physical damage to me (i know this might be a bit far fetched but i just feel like it).

    Any advice? is it even remotely ok to just masturbate 1ce to erotic thoughts in shower, just to get the load off?
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  2. douggie1962

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    “Mastery of impulse is all about self-discipline and choice. The mind is a powerful tool with which we have the ability to be in control of ourselves.”
    Alaric Hutchinson, Living Peace

    This about self-mastery and not semen going down the drain.

    You can do this.

    Be Strong My Friend.
  3. mbanonymous

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    I just took a warm water bath and feel very much relaxed now.. maybe i should take warm baths too often ;)
  4. the crow

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    Masturbation, although not the best thing to do to yourself, isn't nearly as bad as many think.
    Being a slave to it is.
    It depletes, rather than adds-to. That's its main cost. Too much depletion is never good.
    Any obsession is counterproductive.
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  5. Dziki007

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    Man it wont clear your mind. Its opposite it will weaken you. Semen is powerful source of energy to mind without it mind is weak. SO HOLD IT, DONT GIVE UP AND STAY STRONG.

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