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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by johnrock, Mar 29, 2019.

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    Firstly, I would like to apologize if there is any spelling mistake in my text, I do not speak English, so I am writing for google translator.

    so come on.
    God bless everyone, my name is John, I'm 18 and I met NoFap recently because I recognized that due to physical, psychological and even spiritual problems, I should get rid of this addiction.
    But I found a barrier in this fight, because despite being on the 9th i think, I'm out of work at the moment and I'm only going to start studies next year.
    And to make matters worse, I have no friends, with the maximum of colleagues who stopped talking to me in time. So I stay home practically every day and, consequently, my social phobia has increased.
    I understand that having friends and hanging out with them is a very important step towards healing addiction because you are not alone, have people to talk to and therefore help control the trigger of Loneliness.
    Well, that's it and i don't know what to do ... I'm following with the help of God, but I do not know until when.
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    You were 10 years ahead of me buddy. It took me until I was about 28 to realize I didn't have any friends. You're very lucky that you are starting this journey of self-discovery at 18. And maybe you are being a little too hard on yourself about trying to jump right into being social. Have you ever tried just going out in public for a walk and noticing all the nice things in the world? Have you ever treated yourself to an ice cream sundae? Have you ever gone to the gym by yourself? A lot of times the biggest mistake I made was wanting the goal that I had without putting in the work. Friendships and relationships in a social life take work. Work that a lot of times must be done even before you go out into the social world. So I guess my advice is don't be so hard on yourself, realized there's a lot of people struggling with friendships and social anxiety, and set goals that are very small and work your way up toward big ones
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    Not sure where you are from, but a lot of countries can apply for a working holiday visa in New Zealand or Australia. Just have a look into that if you would like to travel alone.

    You are out of work and are going to study next year, so you got plenty of time.
    I did it myself and it was amazing. Lots of solo travellers that you can easily hook up with.
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    Don't think of being alone as a bad thing. You have all the time to improve yourself, and also you don't have anyone bothering you. Being alone is the perfect foundation to start building relationships. You can choose your friends and you aren't dependent on anyone. Losing a friend won't hurt you when you have learned to be all alone. You can always go back to being alone and make new friends. Mastering being alone is the best skill you can learn.
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    This is proper advice ^^
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    I have a friend who is a shameless pornography addict. Sometimes it is better to stay home alone.
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    Hey.....I really think starting studies is the best way to make new friends. You get to meet a lot of new people. It's a great opportunity to get to know people. I had fee friends up until school, I was really focused on studies to get into college,I didn't give time for my friends. It was a big mistake on my part. You get to start over in a new place. Make the most of it, keep in touch with the new people you meet and try to enjoy your time with them. Keep faith in God and keep praying.
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    Thank you so much for taking the time to help me, it's good to know that there are people here that i can count on to help me with something, even at a distance.
    God bless you all, and we will continue praying.
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