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    Im on day 42 which equils my best ever streak and its completely different from last attempts.

    A little back story is that i have just been threw a 3 year recovery from a surgical error which i almost died from. 6 weeks ago i started a new job which has taken a hell of a lot out of me and for the first month was asleep by 9pm every evening.

    So my life is now moving the right way. I have just become a personal trainer and will begin working as such when i am fit enough. I have joined toastmasters and i meditate everyday.

    So as i said im 42 days in now and ive been in a flat line from the very first day, my previous attempts were extremely difficult but this time i havent had any urges at all. Which in a way i suppose is good as it makes my reboot easier. The problem is that i have zero motivation and unless i have somthing planned all i want to do atm is sit on the sofa which is a conflict as i know thats the last thing i should be doing. Is this normal?!
    Maybe its because ive gone from 3 years of doing nothing to now working full time but i need some energy!

    Anyone had anything like this, how long did it last? Did you proactively take steps to get through it or did it improve anyway?

    Thanks guys!

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