It's getting difficult

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    Hey everyone,

    Here is where I'm at so far -

    Days without Porn: 14 / 90
    Days without Masturbation: 10 / 90
    Days without Orgasm: 5 / 45
    Days without Sexting: 10 / 90
    Days without chasing Women: 10 / 90

    It's getting difficult. I'm starting to wake up in the middle of the night with strong sexual thoughts, I'm arroused during bedtime and when I first wake up in the mornings, but have cravings and urges all day. I'm starting to get abdominal and back pain.

    I need some advice on pushing through this phase!
  2. bigboibez

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    As long as u don't want porn anymore, youre already healed. It offers you nothing. When you PMO, you are giving up a lot. When you stop, you are getting massive positive gains.
  3. Qujing Shen

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    What advice can be given? It's a question of: do you have the will or don't you?

    After an initial 25-day streak I completed about a month ago, I've subsequently relapsed three or four times. I go 3-5 days and fall. You're 15 days in, more than two weeks. It's a shame to drop two weeks of work. You're building up your vital energy and meeting your goals. If you dissipate your energy over a phantom lady you'll feel disappointed. Masturbation is a transient thrill that can't match the quality of being strong and living up to your values.

    I've failed to live up to mine in recent weeks. That, on top of the shortage of semen in my body, is deflating.

    You can do better.

    CORAZZON Fapstronaut

    I was fighting and fighting, but unfortunately I gave in today.

    I'm trying not to beat myself up over it, but I feel like I let myself down.

    I want a life free from PMO, I really do, its like my mind wants it but my spirit doesn't...

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