It's Never Too Late To Improve Your Life - 182 Days

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Marshall 5, May 15, 2020.

  1. MountainSea

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    Thank you for sharing your story, this is something I really needed to hear. It's never too late for anyone, "There is only now and the future".
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  2. Marshall 5

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    Thanks for reading. I’m glad it was helpful! Don’t let the past hold you back. Good luck!
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  3. Zeeshaan

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    I fapped 'esterday and read this now.
    I bow down to you.
    One day, i too will.
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  4. TheProcedure

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    One of the best success stories I've read on here. Inspirational. Makes me think I can do this.
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  5. again

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    NoFap Defender

    You are really an inspiration. Thank you.
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  6. Superted4

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    As someone fast approaching 40 this thread is a boost I needed.

    I read it I’m the other day but didn’t have chance to post.

    very inspiring. Especially your point about accountability partner not only for yourself but also to help others. I love the idea of been there to help others too!
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  7. Thanks for sharing! Wow! I'm 30, and single, I know I'll meet a special lady, but covid dating is not the easiest.

    I realize that now is the best time to get rid of my PMO habit, and luckily I'm already making progress!
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  8. AMAZING !!!! And congratulations sir, The thread i s pretty motivating hope you cont. Your streak my best wishes are with you :) :)
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  9. VanDarkholme

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    Thanks for sharing your experience. I am at early 30s and more confident now that I can improve through nofap.
    All the best!
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  10. The_Director

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    This story is incredibly inspirational. Great work.
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  11. 5adn8m8

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    Well written. Thank you so much for sharing this story. It's absolutely inspiring to see how you've turned your life around. I am proud of you.
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  12. This is a beautiful story. You are an inspiration to everyone who is here. I wish you luck and strength on this journey, that things in your family will only get better. Thanks for sharing and stay strong!
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  13. potterykays

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    it does not late to change own life.
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  14. Marshall 5

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    Wow, it has been exactly a year since I started this journey. 366 days! My life is not perfect, but I’m in a much better place. I have continued to get healthier - I’m eating better, working out more seriously now and building muscle. I’m happier, more stable, and more motivated. I’m not tired all the time like I used to be. There is much more connection in my family life and marriage.

    I’ve gone a year without any porn. Honestly, I don’t miss it much at all. Just a little twinge now and then when I remember it. My sex life seems simpler but also richer. Still not as frequent as I’d like, but better than before!

    My first 271 days were no-PM. O was only allowed with my wife. By my ninth month I had started to suspect that NoFap, for all its benefits, was causing me to lose some sexual function and control. I made a decision to reintroduce M (without P) on a carefully regulated and infrequent basis. I have strict conditions for it. This helped, in fact. I feel sexually confident and healthy now. But I couldn’t have made this move until I got P out of my mental wiring. I’m sure it would have crept back into my life if I tried it earlier.

    Thanks once again for your support. Keep working for a better life, and enjoy the ride!
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  15. BrohkenCompass

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    Great stuff. Really proud of you. Thanks for all your support helping me too.
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  16. Awesome story! This resonated with me the most:
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  17. AHO !!
  18. Ulays

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    I love your story
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  19. Marshall 5

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    Thank you!
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